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  1. I have to say, my son has not been officially diagnosed, but I believe celiac begins at birth. He had severe colic (20+ hours/day) and projectile vomiting along with runny stools. I was told all kinds of things, such as I was a new mother, there isn't any way he could be allergic, it was all in my mind. I would tell your sister to follow her gut on her child. It is a genetic-based disorder, which means it is inherent in a child. This would mean it is present at birth. Symptoms may manifest at different times, but I would say my experience was that I knew something was wrong, regardless of doctor's inability to diagnose my son. He could not tolerate breast milk, regular formula, or soy formula. I resorted to feeding him rice cereal at 3 weeks old. There were few alternatives back then, and noone ever told me about celiac. I am still getting resistance to following through with diagnostic tests on my son (he is 19 now). I wish your sister the best of luck, and don't give up!