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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys, I recently posted that I have been having various stomach and nerve issues to which a neurologist ordered a celiac panel. Unfortunately, he was pretty stupid when it comes to the disease and told me to go to the GI doc. So while I have to wait for another week, I thought I would ask whether you guys could help. So here they are. IGA, serum(normal range 81 - 463 mg/dL) mine = 209 TISSUE TRANSGLUTAM AB IGA (Range less than 5) mine = less than three but here is the kicker. Gliadin AB (IGA) ( range <11 U/mL) mine = 16. So the Gliadin is high and the rest is low. What should I come to think of it? Tye
  2. Thank for your concern jewlesD. Actually I have bee gluten free for a week and a lot of my neuropathy and other symptoms have alleviated. But again i seem to doubt myself. If these tests come back negative then I will again feel like an idiot and embarrassment in front of my family. I will continue to try to be gluten free for the entire month and see how i feel.
  3. Its ok...I think I wrote a novel at the top so don't feel bad. I am just surprised that a blood diagnosis would not be the gold standard. I went to a chiropractor today for a consultation and mentioned the celiac test. He did some kind of wierd allergy test where I held a vial of gluten in one handand I had a little bit of muscle weakness, in one of my other, which stated that I had a gluten allergy. If that was the gold standard, I think we'd all be in a bit of trouble. I will keep you posted on my results and good luck yourself with your new diet. ~Tye~
  4. I am curious. Your blood test look like they confirm antibodies but your Biopsy is false. Why do people choose to get biopsies, as a doctor may not find the right portion of your small intestine, and a blood test clearly show antibodies to the gluten molecule. Or does the blood test not clearly identify the antibodies as a cause of Celiac disease? Thanks again for your response. ~Tye~
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Tye. I am a 25 year old chemist who lives in New Jersey. I will start from the beginning. About June 3rd of this year I came down with a serious viral upper respiratory infection. It was pain that i have never felt before. At the time I was weight lifting a lot. As the infection was healing, I began to get some numbness in my right leg as well as both ulnar nerves (pinky and ring fingers). The pain in the nerve circled around my ribs around my heart. At this point I thought that I was getting symptoms of a TIA attack(pre stroke), as I was also getting some impaired vision and lightheadedness. After checking myself into a hospital around June 23rd, I got screened for the stroke symptoms which all came back negative. The doctors kept me there because they thought my nuerological symptoms could be an indicator of something worse. I then got a thorough work up of lyme disease, lupus, MS, and diabetes, which all came back negative , thank god. After being release, still feeling like I got hit by a truck. Two weeks later I saw a neurologist and I told him symptoms of numbness in the fingers as well as pain in back and lightheadedness. He also did a physical exam which ruled out any demylating diseases and told me I should get an EMG test done to confirm if I have nerve damage or nerve impingement. As he was ending the exam, he asked if I have ever had any stomach ailments. I told him I had some Gerd symptoms throughout my life, without heartburn though, and I nearly always felt bloated. He told me I should get tested for Celiac Disease. Now I didnt really know much about the disease except that people who eat gluten get upset stomachs. Sorry for my ignorance. After getting the celiac panel done this monday, I got the Emg done. The results stated that I have radiculitis, which is simply nerve impingement and will start PT soon. I will find results of the Celiac panel this tuesday on my next neuro visit. I am still a little light headed today. After eating alot of gluten products today, I feel extremely bloated. For the past seven years I am always constipated and when I do go the stools are very soft, somewhat thin and just dissipate in the toilet as I pass them. The same for today. I have muscle twitches all over my body that are not painful but annoying. I sometimes have trouble remembering things and some times I stutter my words. My vision over the passed few months has diminished somewhat. I have recently had alot of trouble sleeping due to my bloating and constipation. But taking some warm milk with honey recently has given me some relief with that issue. I am just wondering whether some of you have almost wished you had the disease before you were diagnosed. It's hard to describe but i feel like it would almost be a gift to know that I could simply drop all of my ailments by changing my diet. I am pretty healthy to begin with and it would be very easy for me to control my diet. All these negative test i feel has made me feel like a hypochondriac and a false burden on my family. Any help or suggestions would be great guys. God Bless, Tye