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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Please Help Me Figure Out What Is Glutening Us

    I can eat them 10 times with no problem, then the 11th time whammy. Then I started reacting to something I was eating every day. This happens to me and it makes me feel like I'm psychotic. Do you know why this happens. One example out of many. I ate a bannana with Natural peanut butter and honey. I felt fine for a couple of weeks then whamo my stomach is bloated to it's full compacity and painful. I've given up Soy and Dairy for the past few months. I felt great for about a week then right back to feeling like I've been glutened.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I've been gluten-free for 3 years. I've been having gluten like symptoms all the time. The "gluten stomach" is always present. It seems no matter how gluten-free i eat i still don't feel good.....SO i came here and everyone suggested that soy could be the culperate. I gave up all soy and for the past 2-3 weeks i'm feeling 90% better and my stomach isn't bloated!!! I'm still extremely tired but that's probably some vitamin deficiency. Try giving up soy for a week.
  4. Your Daily Vitamin Regimen?

    I was taking Calcium with D but since i quit soy i can't take that anymore. Does anyone have a Calcium D without soy?
  5. Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    Hi guys, I'm from Braham, 10 minutes north of Cambridge. I grew up in Mora, 25 minutes north of Cambridge. I've been a celiac for 3 years and now i'm eliminating soy because i was having the same symptoms even tho i was gluten-free. I'm feeling 100% better since i'm soy free too and it's only been a week. Oh i just learned on Tuesday that i'm allergic to peanuts too. I usted to eat peanuts daily. Isn't it funny how quickly something changes.
  6. If you've been eating gluten-free and your Dr runs celiac panels he won't find anything. You need to eat gluten for roughly two months to get it back in your system so the tests can come back positive. At least that's what a Dr told me. Anyway, I learned from this forum that it could be soy. I've stopped all soy consumption and for the past 4 day's i feel better. My stomach isn't bloated like normal.
  7. So...I've been so good at my gluten-free diet. The last month I haven't been feeling good at all. Low energy, painful celiac belly no matter what i ate and just plain feeling like crap. I came to you guys for answers and the answer was to go soy free. I've been soy free for 4 days now and my stomach is feeling better, i still don't have the energy back but at least my celiac belly is feeling better. BUT yesterday I ate Pistachio's and totally itched all over. The Dr now says i'm allergic to peanuts. I just love how quickly an allergy can come on. One day you can eat peanuts the next day you can't. What's next? This forum is a great resource, thanks.
  8. Something dawned on me the other day. I felt great when i was in Mexico, I ate everything, except obvious wheat, and felt great. I actually felt the best I've ever felt in 9 years. When I got home and started eating my regular stuff, (eggs for breakfast, snack on peanuts, almonds, cashews, M&M and raisins during the day, fruit and supper (meat, potatoes, vegy)) i started to get bloated and reacted daily. I was thinking how i didn't eat any chocolate in Mexico...Now that i'm back to my peanut/m&m mix i'm wondering if it's soy! I also bought the new cinnamon Chex and totally got bloated. It's gluten free now but i reacted! The only symptom i have is lots of gas and very bloated. This is how i react to gluten but with much more pain. What does everyone know about soy? Is there a blood test that i could take to see if i have any other food allergies?
  9. Disapointed With My Body....

    Sorry to hear your feeling so low. Everyone here can relate. I don't know if anyone here experiences this but when i get overly hungry my stomach bloats up like i've been glutened and when i finally eat (gluten-free) my stomach reacts even worse. It always happens just before supper too. To be honest, i don't starve myself. Even tho i feel better when i hardly eat during the day. Anyway, we had plans to go out for a couple of drinks last night, my stomach is hungry so it's huge, we eat and it gets worse. I sat around for about 1/2 hour, thats how long it usually takes my reactions to leave or basically thats when i can fart. I had to dress for my stomach, so i wore a sweater that would cover my stomach and when we left the house i left with my jeans undone. I'm sick of dressing for my stomach! I think I need to move to Mexico. We were there on vacation and my stomach felt great. It's hasn't felt that good for 10 years! I ate anything i wanted, except the obvious stuff. As soon as i was back home my gluten stomach was back. Do some investigating, maybe you have other food allergies. Keep a positive outlook because it will get better.
  10. Personal Picture Change

    i bet that's it. i'll try that when i get home. thanks for the help.
  11. Personal Picture Change

    I received some kind of message that lead me to believe it worked. I know when i tried a different pic it didn't do anything so i thought it must be too big. i then cropped it down and it seemed to work. when i look at it in my controls the picture is there.
  12. Personal Picture Change

    I uploaded my first photo, it said it was ok but it's still not showing. Are there certain qualifications i have to have (so many posts, time as a member)?
  13. What is Ferritin? I checked my last test result and i was at 5 and my iron saturation level was 9%. My Dr. did say i was anemic (iron deficiency) but didn't put me on any thing or say much about it so i left it alone. Now that i read this thread i'm thinking i should go back in.
  14. I did contact them, they claim there was no change . They sent me $25 right away and appologized. They were wonderful. I actually tired a few more 6 packs of the black cap and they all do the same thing. OH and i bought them from different stores too.
  15. In my town Braham, MN we have New Grist Beer, its out of Milwalkee, Lakefront Brewery. The first time i drank it i was in love! It tasted great, i didn't react and it wasn't heavy. Well, they must have changed their ingredients because now you pop the top and it foams all over and tasts like skunk beer. So this week i bought RedBridge. The taste was okay but i reacted right away. The RedBridge bottle does not say Gluten free but i'm 99% positive New Grist says Gluten free. It's weird cuz New Grist had a silver cap then went to a black cap. The black cap is bad. If i find silver caps i buy them, they are still great.