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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. when my daughter goes through the part of her cycle where she's constipated for a week or more (typically she just has lots of diahrrea but constipation does come around often enough too) she takes Miralax. We mix it in her drink and eventually she goes. Sometimes it takes a day or two after getting a few doses of the stuff but it does work.
  2. One more note, or actually a question.... The only other thing different that we're doing is that the GI doctor has her taking Flora Q probiotic. We started that just before the cramping started. Is there any chance this could be causing her problems? We sprinkle one capsule on her breakfast food each day.
  3. a quick update on my daughter Ashley's condition. two days ago she started with some pretty bad stomach cramping and has a slight case of diahrrea again. Normally we never see this so soon after the doses of Alinia. The cramping is keeping her up at night. Man oh man.....I despise these stomach problems that she's having with no one seemingly able to pinpoint. She's been on the gluten-free diet for a good week now. We go back to the GI doctor in about a month. If this cramping keeps up we won't be able to wait that long.
  4. Thanks to everyone for some very thoughtful responses. I guess it does make the most sense to stop questioning things, trust the GI and just test the diet and see what happens. I do wonder why there's been no mention of dairy related problems from the pediatric GI though. Judging from the posts on here that seems to be rather typical. I'll ask about that when we follow up in about a month with the doctor. As far as the genetic testing goes, that also was done on my daughter with a negative result. They've seemingly done every testing with none of it testing positive. We found a grocery store around downtown called Greenlife that has numerous items clearly marked gluten free. It's all very expensive but at least we know where to look. And I'm also quickly altering my methods of cooking. It's been difficult since my background is mainly italian and new orleans cooking (I'm a new orleans native). But we're changing and trying to make family meals that are gluten free. So far so good. My daughter was already incredibly picky so that's making things more difficult. But we're trying to stick with it. I'll post an update after we give the diet a chance for a while. In the meantime wish us luck....and for personal reasons keep my family in your thoughts. They are evacuating New Orleans right now and heading up my way. Thanks again everyone. All information is greatly appreciated. Wayne
  5. I would like to get some opinion from this board since nearly everyone has some experience dealing with celiac and/or gluten allergy. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. We live in Chattanooga, TN. She's on the smallish side, has never gotten above 23 lbs. which is what she weighs now. she looks thin, but not rail thin. Most people think she's about to turn 2, not three years old when they first see her. She has quite a history already. About a year and a half ago she began a really fussy stage. Then it evolved to screaming and you could tell something just wasn't right. She looked to be in pain but couldn't yet tell us what was wrong. My wife and I kept on the pediatrician to figure out what was wrong with her. She seemed to always have gas, and had diahrrea for about 3 months. No poop test ever showed anything. No blood test ever indicated an organ problem. We got an appointment with a GI specialist in town once she began dropping weight. She had gotten down below 18 lbs. and was completely off the chart at that point. This specialist saw her and wanted to put her on a probiotic and said he wanted to see her back in 6 weeks. I explained to him that I didn't think she could wait that long given her rapid weight loss and continued screaming gassy fits and diahrrea. He repeated that we needed to give it 6 weeks. We didn't agree with this and found a GI specialist in Knoxville that agreed to see her the next day. After reviewing the history and noting my daughter's weight loss, she immediately hospitalized her in order to run an exhaustive amount of tests, including several scopes, colonoscopy, biopsies, you name it. Every disease was tested. Celiac disease was tested via blood test, panel test, and biopsy. All were negative. The only definitive finding after all of those tests was the pH probe indicating reflux. The doctor indicated to us that some parasites are sometimes difficult to detect when testing samples and that she wanted to treat her with Alinia. Let me tell you, Alinia is a wonder drug. Within 3 days she was feeling fine (although scared to death after all of those tests). No more gas, no more diahrrea. Just normal. Things went well for about a month and then constipation started. She was put on Miralax for that. Then a couple of weeks later the gas and diahrrea came back. After a week or two she was put back on Alinia. The Alinia again took care of it. We went through this same cycle about 3-4 times over the past year-plus. About a month ago the diahrrea continued again, along with the gas....now with the pain getting very bad for her. The GI doctor during this entire time continued testing with everything, including blood work, coming back negative. She indicated to us that about 3% of Celiac patients test negative on all current testing practices but still prove to have the disease when placed on a gluten-free diet. She now suspects this to be the case for our daughter. In the meantime, she again went on Alinia and she's gotten better again. So that's where we are now. We're just now beginning a gluten-free diet for our daughter, which is no small task at 2 1/2 years old. We'll deal with that though. My question is, given all of this history, we're questioning whether this truly could be a gluten allergy or if there's an environmental problem, perhaps a parasite that just won't go away completely. The reason we question the celiac diagnosis is that Alinia seems to cure her completely of her symptoms for a while. Then a couple of months later it starts all over. But she certainly does get better each and every time with Alinia. So I ask all of you with experience with things like this, what are your impressions of this situation? My apologies for the length of this story. I just didn't want to leave anything out. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This has been a very scary and bumpy road. And on top of all of that, our poor little girl had to have her tonsils and adenoids removed too!!! Thanks again, Wayne