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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I am being unoffically tested for fibromayalgia by my chiropractor which involves testing for tender trigger points when in alignment. (my body does not like cars...another story. )There are many foods that contribute to inflammation. (beef,chocolate,caffine...) Are you near any holistic practioners. Acupuncturists, natropaths,? They often listen better than traditional MD. I have read online that fibromyalgia is often connected with Celiac. Know what chronic pain is like. I am the worst at cheating at the ant-inflammation diet which also includes staying away from gluten and processed sugar and many favorite foods. Thanks for your story it was a wake up call.
  2. Been stressing over this on too. My son is 3 1/2 .I now realise it was probably too hard to potty train with loose stool diahrrea. Now that they are better my son says he is not ready to potty train. I noticed if we do not say anything he does it on his own a few times. Its a emotional control thing right now. The one thing he has control over is his body.He can't control his diet and other things. It must be even harder for your son; With his therapy he is working hard and maybe he is afraid of the change as he is learning to be independant in other ways. A Nurse and my son's preschool teacher said not to worry right now it just might be too stressful. He is doing better in so many ways. Its hard not to react and get frustrated but he is definatly happier than he was a couple of months ago. My worry is that he will out grow the biggest size pull-ups.
  3. First I have to say you are an AWSOME and WONDERFUL Grandma for showing such interest in your Grandsons diet/health. I don't know much about autism but I read that your Grandson is protected by a disabilities act (Kids With Celiac Disease by Danna Korn (page 104). WWW.clanthompson.com has a great list of foods/medicine that are gluten free. WWW.enjoylifefoods.com has a good list of foods that are gluten-free,soy-free,dairy and nut free. (cookies are very yummy)can't help with the cheese. My son brings his lunch to school even though his school was willing to make it. Leroux Apple sauce (cinnimon) is gluten-free and is really good with nothing extra. Applegate farms has a excellent line of foods (hotdogs,coldcuts) I usually give my son a big breakfast before school and pack a fruit based 2nd one for school. Also ask the school for a menu ahead of time so your daughter can make a similar meal. Rice pasta comes in lots of fun shapes...colors
  4. The gluten free pantry has a pretty good pizza crust I bought a seperate crust cutter for it. I use it as bread. Tastes pretty good crunchy from the oven.
  5. try www.clanthompson.com for a free demo of "regular"gluten free foods list. They have 6 gluten free kids. Lays chips phone #on bag. They sent coupons/ list. Most foods have phone numbers on the labels. Sorry not a teen will go back to my Mommy section
  6. My son is allergic to both soy and dairy. I have seen soy flour used in gluten -free products at the market. I think the gluten comes in by how the soy milk is made/fermented. Soy can produce a lot of gas... My Dr. also said it was uncommon too for my son to be allergic to both then after the delayed rast and 2+ years of soy milk he turned out to be more allergic to soy (ratings are 1(low) 4(veryhigh)www.enjoylifefoods.com has dairy-free soy free,gluten-free,nutfree foods The cookies are really good.Bagels too
  7. I went with my son on his preschool fieldtrip to go apple picking. Lots of fun. The afterwards they helped make a scarecrow. I asked what they were using.Got a funny look. and was told "just grass" then afer my son was covered his teacher said it might be wild rye or others. It was o.k. The teachers did not know about the scarecrow making until we got there-We left early as they brought out apple donuts... My son had fun and the donuts missed were only a small part of the expierience. My son's teachers have been very supportive and before my son got to school a few days after his dx had made the class room gluten-free,. Ordered gluten -free playdoh and put a sign on the door that all must wash their hands when entering the classroom. Sometimes I forget to breathe and forget it is more stress on my son because even with a smile on my face he picks up my worry. But you know WITHOUT all that processed food our kids will end up healthier kids and as adults. For yummy cookies gluten-free,sf,nutf,df try www.enjoylifefoods.com The chocolate cookies are really good. As a project we are going to expieriment with making cookies and cakes we have three months before his birthday to come up with something good.
  8. Cant Sleep

    Try Acupuncture. Works great (the needles are really thin; inserted shallow)Also helps with stress.
  9. Thanks for your reply. My son has had all the allergy tests and He is very allergic to quite a few things on the delayed rast tests. wheat was the lowest. My pedi. is clueless but we have a great allergist we found this summer.
  10. o.k lost my post. trying again... Not offering medical advice. even though my son's blood test were only a little elevated I told my Dr. I was going to try this gluten-free diet and see how he does. He is so much better not just physically but emotionally/behavior too. Doing a lot of reading so I can talk to the Dr. and ask good questions. www.clanthompson.com has good food lists. There are also some really good vitamins (Gluten-free) at healthfood stores. I am working on patience as I want him to be all better now. I can as a healthcare professional recommend the Metagenics ULTRA CARE FOR KIDS. Its a medical food shake with lots of nutrients. WWW.metagenics.com you can locate a practioner there.
  11. Hi, My son is 3 1/2 and was diagnosed a couple of months ago by his allergist. His pediatrician was cluless. I wanted to take him to the allergist at 2 but he wanted to do a basic food allergy test first -all were neg. The delayed rast couple of months ago revealed he is very allergic to a number of things. Since being off gluten and these allergic foods his behavoir is better at home and pre-school as well as his consentration. I had some tests done for deficiencies at spectracell labs and put him on Metagenics ULTRACARE for KIDS which is a nutritional shake and he loves it. (added some pure stevia sweetener)( Would like to tell off his DR. but instead I am going to give him a copy of D. Korns Kids with celiac disease book. Maybe it might help someone else get diagnosed earlier.
  12. Does anyone else have a child with soy, dairy,egg white,citrus (=tomato),nut,bean,honey allergies? My son eats about 5 different foods. Have him on a childs medical food shake for extra nutrients. He eats 5 meals a day and is ALWAYS HUNGRY. I am suppose to rotate food but that is really hard. Now the Dr. thinks he might also have a rice sensitivity...
  13. Hi, My son had allergy tests at 2 with all neg. results . Most drs. don't mention delayed Rast tests because they are not covered by insurance. They are worth it as my SON WAS allergic (highly) to soy and dairy. In looking at the test results the nurse almost missed the celiacs marker in his tests because it was a standard test done but overlooked in her focus on the allergy tests.
  14. Mold in our new house could have triggered Celiac d in my son. Since it is a autoimmune diease infections, viruses and mold could trigger it. New to the forum so have not checked to see if this topic has been covered. Also insurance co's do not cover the advanced nutrition panel so dr.s don't often mention it. it is $250ish and will look at everything not just zinc, calcium magniesium etc... Have found companies very helpful and quick in responding to gluten questions. Boars head cold cuts don't have fillers and only their loafs-picle,pimiento, olive have gluten as well as prk and beef reg but not lite hotdogs. Also dealing with soy dairy nut allergies. My son has been very adaptive and has been patient at long appt with blood tests too.