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  1. Does Anyone Binge On A Celiac Attack?

    Mballerina, I have the same cravings and binges. I've tried baking gluten-free and have failed!! Therefore, I want what I can't have. The hardest thing is.... I want a beer once in awhile. My husband can tell when I have had gluten. I get real crabby, angry, b%$@#y, etc.. It will last about a week. I also feel real run down and exhausted. I also get the worst stomache, doubling over, holding my breath!! I don't get violently sick like I did 10 yrs ago or even 2 yrs ago. I still function because I've done it to myself. No one forces us to eat gluten. Eating gluten only makes me miserable and my family. I can't tell you that we are wrong for our cravings. We are like little kids, telling somebody that they can't have something seems to only make them want it more. It's hard and all we can do is try. clanning
  2. I have tried baking several items gluten-free, using receipes from people in this forum. NOT ONE HAS WORKED!!! Everything has tasted very bad. I AM NOT A GOOD COOK to begin with. So that doesn't help. What gluten-free flour mix do all of you use to make cookies, cakes etc taste normal? I have Bob's Red Mill gluten-free All Purpose Baking Flour. Please help, what am I doing wrong!!!! Charlotte
  3. Zelnorm

    I also have major problems w/ constipation. I also take Zelnorm, Nexium, and Kristalose. The Zelnorm did nothing for me in the past 6 months and was using lots of OTC laxatives. But now that I have really tried to be strictly gluten-free (for a few months), the last 2 weeks I have noticed a BIG difference. But I also don't take the Zelnorm as prescribed. I take 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM. I'm not sure which is making the difference but it is making some progress. I'm also having a test (someday) where you swallow radioactive rings. They take a series of x-rays for 3 days to see how well they are traveling through your system. They should be completly through your system by the 3rd day. I have a big motility problem also. I have picked the brains of several GI doctors and get different answeres from them all. I sort of do what I want, what makes me feel the best. I just want to be able to go to the restroom and be comfortable, not miserable. I would keep taking them, but it's your choice. I also think it has to do w/ the vili on the intestines. I've also never tried avoid dairy. Charlotte
  4. Brie

    Not sure about Brie but I can tell you what it states in my CSA Gluten-Free product book. Trader Joe's: Cheese blocks & wedges (doesn't list specific types) Lifetime Rice cheese, shredded 3 cheese blend, soy cheese, tofurella cheese pretty much all the other cheese brands are those of american, mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, colby I know blue cheese is not!!! Charlotte
  5. Newbie, I know exactly how you feel. My husband is very wishy/washy about me being gluten-free. In Feb 04 I was told by my GI doctor that I would not be around in 3 yrs if I did not go on a strick gluten-free diet. I decided to join this forum for support because I was half way being gluten-free. Once I started passing out at work (I am in the medical field) at home etc., I know there is some truth to it. I've been very strict about it for a few months now. When I slip and eat a brownie or cookie that I make for the rest of the family; I have to go to bed because I literally get so light headed I can't stand. I have know for almost 10 yrs ago I was told that I had "non tropical spru" that was it. Then 7 yrs ago I was told to avoid wheat, that was it. The last 3 yrs I've been told a little more. Every year my biopsy comes back worse. The GI doctors tell me every time I have a scope done, be prepared for us to come back and tell you that there is cancer. My husband makes comments to me, "why make us suffer just because you have to" "it's not our fault, we don't have to eat like that" "you do what you want, it's your life" "if this is a gluten-free meal, I'll take the kids and we will go out to eat" etc.... It's hard, depressing!!! If he drinks beer, I know tell him he can not kiss me. Maybe that will get it through his head. I've increased my life insurance policy thinking that will make him wake up. Advice from other in this forum, get a cook book. It has made a big difference for me. These people here really do know what they are talking about. Charlotte
  6. I think that a lot of the misconception is that people think it is a "food allergy" when it is not. As stated earlier, IT IS A "AID". I work in a hospital, one that is to be in the top 10-20 in the nation. There are 3 GI groups and they have admitted that they know absolutely NOTHING about Celiac Disesase or Gluten intolerance other than the strict diet. That is putting their words nicely. I have one GI doctor that I have fired several times. He is from England and seems to know a little more than the others. He told me in February that I would not be around in 3 yrs if I did not straighten up and stick to a strick gluten-free diet. I would much rather have a food allergy than this. It would be very nice if this could be made more public. I've been speaking to people at the hospital about awareness, trying to get it out there. Charlotte
  7. Weight Gain

    I have to say that I've gained weight and not happy about. I do not seem to be able to loose it either and that is very upsetting. Of course I was very much underweight but I think that I got used to and expect to stay that way. I still don't feel like I have the energy that I used to. I was running up to 6 miles about 3-4 times a week. I can't do that now and have packed on the pounds. My friends say that I look fine (5'3" 120lbs) but none of my clothes fit. You will have to be careful. Eating gluten-free, I feel hungry ALL the time. Yesterday at work I ate 3 meals. Charlotte
  8. Today some one told me about Glycol nutrients. It is made by Mannatech and is to be very successful in healing the body repair itself on the celluar level. I've look at their websit but couldn't find much. I did however see a FQ&A from some one that stated, "I can not have gluten, is your product gluten-free?". Their reply was a little strange, some are but some aren't. I'm just curious if others have used their product (s) and which ones. Have they helped etc? They are to be expensive so I don't want to waste my money if no one has heard of this before or used it.
  9. I am also new to this forum but do have a few answers. Nexium is gluten-free, not sure about the others. Your pharmacists should be able to give you the drug companys 800# to let you call to see if the others are gluten-free. I looked at Viactive the other day, I don't think that it is but you should be able to call and find out. Also, you probably can take all the iron tablets you want but you will not be able to absorb the mineral. Been there done that. Took 1000 mg a day, no change in my iron levels or anemia. I just recently had a iron infusion. Most people don't have a reaction to the infusion but I did. If your WBC, Hgb, Fe, and other labs are that low... your doctor should recomend an iron ifusion. You do it as an outpatient takes about 8 - 10 hrs.. Its been 7 months since mine and my labs are still good. The best advice I've ever received is from this group. They've sent me receipes and encouraged me to go buy a gluten-free cookbook, I did. I'm not sure where I got it but I printed of a list of forbidden ingredients and one of allowed. The forbidden is a lot longer than the allowed. Try whole food stores, nature's pantry, Hy-Vee if one around. You can get a big book from the Celiac Association that will give you a list of all food products in grocery stores that are gluten-free. (they tell you the grocery stores) My local store (Hy-Vee) bought the book for me to keep me as a customer. It's very hard as an adult to change your diet. Very depressing at times. But all you can do is try. Read a lot of the other postings here and you'll get more info than you could ever imagine. Charlotte
  10. Dustin, I was told 10 yrs ago that I had non-tropical sprue and that was it. I became very ill several years ago, seen a new doctor and that is when I was told about being gluten-free. I took it serious for a while but stopped soon after. I have not been gluten-free for about 6 yrs. I'm 34 yrs old and have been told that my life expectance is 3 more yrs.. I too work in the medical field and should know better. I have been trying since March to be gluten-free but sooooo hard. Very little support from family and friends. They are only supportive when I've become very ill or more ill than usual. It is hard being/cooking/eating gluten-free. For most, the food sucks!! Since joinging this forum earlier this week, I've made some of the recipes and they are good. You will need to take A LOT of time to shop and look for gluten-free free foods. I have already had cancer and every time I see my GI doc at work he tells me how worried he is. He's very astute in what he tells me and my husband. My yearly lab's he tell's us that he is not going to be surprised if he finds cancer in my intestines and neither should we. Luckily he hasn't as of yet but that doesn't mean that day is not coming. It has hit me hard this week.... my children are only 9 and 12. What will they do w/ me? I can't imagine it and it saddens me to think that "I've done this to myself, not anyone else." Then I think "why stop, the damage is done, I'm misserable." This is hard. Good luck on try, try as hard as you can. I know I am. Charlotte
  11. Hard Time Coping

    I made someone's recipe for gluten-free Kung Pao Chicken IT WAS AWESOME!!! Even my husband liked it. The other kids are eating it and liking it as well. I haven't told them it's gluten-free. After reading the cookbook I'm getting my son tested
  12. Hard Time Coping

    Thanks to all!! I've been out buying gluten-free cookbooks etc. I told my husband that we were having a total gluten-free supper tonight. His comment was "no were not, I guess we will have to go out to eat and you can stay home." I do sort of feel as thought my gut is shot but I've been told it will take A LONG time to repair the damage and it will not be 100%. Charlotte
  13. Cd Doc In Kc, Mo

    I'm new to this forum. I have a GI doctor that I've fired several times. MY celiac disease is so out of control. My biopsy's were terrible (complete/total Villa atrophy), my lab's were all critical IGG (?#) IGA >150, Iron levels, sever anemia, WBC 3, low every thing. I 2 wks ago I had to have my gallbladder remove due to severe chronic cholycystitis. Not helling well from it. Can not absorb the CO2 from the surgery. Dr's all say it's from my celiac disease being out of control. I've since tried staying gluten-free but it's very hard. Getting recipe's now etc.. My GI doc tells me that I'm not going to be around in 3 yrs. if I do not straighten up. Does anyone know if that is true? It has taken over my intestines. I'm ALWAYS constipated taking laxitives like candy (prescripted & OTC). I take several meds Nexium, Zelnorm, Lactulose, Mirlax and I'm still severly constipated. I have weak spells & have recently passed out at work. (Thank God I work at a hospital) Migrains and a lot of the time the crabbiest person on earth. I would like to find a DR. would listens to me!! Yes, I know I have to stay on the diet first. I've read that a lot of people on this take other things, why is that and how does it help? Charlotte
  14. Hard Time Coping

    I make a lot of mexican food, taco's & enchilada's. Anything to spice up dull/boring chicken (mainly for me), I need ideals of marinades, soups to cook w/ for thickening. I use a lot cream of chicken, mushroom, etc.) stir fry's can't find anything like teriyaki (soy sauce's not sure of but doesn't give the same taste or effect) My family love's pasta's so there for when I make pasta something I can't eat it (haven't found a good gluten-free pasta) Rice, how do you spruce up rice. My family loves Lipton's rice packages. I try to make casseroles, cheesy potatos (family loves) I bake a lot for my family. They love sweets and now that I've been told this is a do or die situatin for me, I WANT those cookies, brownies etc.. I've never had that problem before!!! I question the following items: Williams Chili seasoning, Taco seasoning, Here's a quick list that I went through my pantry to see what I use and I can't eat but would like to figure out some alternative to. Enchilada sauce, pasta, gravies, marinades, soups, stir fry sauce, seaoning pouches, veggie dips. Where do you all find your gluten-free items? I eat A LOT of salads!!! I'm tired of salads, veggies, fruit. I guess my BIGGEST problem of all is that I feel so guilty of making my family suffer due to me. I have a mixed family, step children and my own. I have a half support spouse. He's like eat what ever you want, stop complaining and then the next day he's your not to be eating that. I've got breakfast down and lunch is mostly salads. I almost feel like I need a sponsor for an adict. Today I've very upset about this. I've just recently had to have surgery and it hasn't gone well. And I know it's because of not being on a strict gluten-free diet. I could go on forever what I've gone through since February of this year. I've had this for 9 yrs and lost a lot of weight. I'm gaining weight and that is my other problem. I DON'T want too. I've gained 20 lbs. since trying to stay gluten free. I think I need this informative/chat room more than I realized. Just through me some recipe's to my email address clanning5@comcast.net and I guess I'll start trying new things. Charlotte
  15. I am having a VERY hard time staying on a strict gluten-free diet. I'm 34 yrs old and cook for 7. Most of the foods I have tasted are not very good. I HATE shopping for foods that I can eat, it takes way too long to shop. Not to metion preparing meals for my family a night is just as bad. I feel that I can not deprive them because of me and can not justify cooking a seperate meal for myself. We eat out A LOT and have many get together w/ friends. Once again, I am the only one w/ a special diet and do not like to inconvience them. By not being on the gluten-free diet I have paid the price. It not longer makes me physically sick because my stomach and intestines are shot. Totally gone. I take so many meds that I hate taking them but do, but not on a regular basis. I do get strick w/ those when I'm miserable from things NOT working. I was told in Feb. 04 that I would not be around in 3 yrs. if I keep this up. Can anyone offer something? I live in Kansas City, MO. I know of 2 resturants that are gluten-free (PF Changs & Out Back) Hy-Vee grocery store h as given me a gluten-free book of products but that seems to be more of a hassle to take the time to look for the certain product. I don't know of any good recipes that are good and it makes it very hard. Not to mention, I'm not a very good cook to begin with. I don't like or want things like breads, pasta's, cookies, cakes, etc. It's the things I use to cook w/ that makes it imposs. to cook or eat right. It's the additives that are killing me. Any information is appreciative. Charlotte