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  1. We treat our kids to McDonalds once in a while but my son always just gets fries. I would like to know if there is anything else there that is gluten-free. He used to really like McChicken sauce and Sweet and Sour sauce with his fries but are they gluten free? What about hashbrowns for breakfast? Thanks!
  2. I purchased these for my son, 12, to take and emailed them just to make sure they were gluten-free. Turns out they are NOT. So frustrating b/c who would have thought THAT ingredient contained gluten!?!? Dear Ms. Scott, Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the gluten content of One A Day
  3. My son is in middle school this year and they have cooking class next semester. I'm leary of letting him take this class that is scheduled for them. If I remember our cooking classes correctly there was flour EVERYWHERE!! He won't eat anything in the class but everything is contaminated with flour including I'm sure, the air. Being a 12 year old boy, I'm sure he won't be washing his hands anytime either! Don't know what to do. Do you let your kids do the class or no? I do not think changing everything to gluten-free is an option the school will give me and I would never expect them to change just for my son. Anyone else with experience have any advice? Thanks Kathy
  4. My son will be needed braces in about a year. We had an appointment with the orthodentist (only one) that comes to our community. I told him my son has Celiac and we'd need to be certain the products he uses are gluten-free. His response "Well he's not ingesting anything so you don't need to worry about that". WHAT!?!?!!? I was floored by his response. I will NOT be using this guy and will drive my son to the next city if I have to!! Have any of you dealt with the orthodentist and do I have anything to worry about? I'm concerned about the cement they use. Thanks Kathy, mom to Jakob, almost 12, dx Type1 diabetes Mar2004, Celiac Mar2010
  5. I was checking out the Maple Leaf Top Dogs recently and noticed the low sodium Top Dogs did not have Wheat listed like all the others did. I know another lady with Celiac in town who eats them all the time and doesn't react.
  6. I called Starbucks regarding the vanilla bean fraps that my son used to love to have (and it's summer and we stop there often) and they kept saying it's not gluten-free due to cross-contamination. I then asked "are the ingredients gluten-free??". I don't understand, I've watched them make them and the only thing I can see that would be cross-contaminated would be the blender container. Can't I ask them to wash it thoroughly first? Anyone else drink these and not have issues or is there anything I can ask them to do so he can have them? THanks Kathy
  7. Thanks Paul. I looked on the KNORR website and I see OXO listed. Do you know off hand if those OXO packets are gluten-free? Also, when I looked at all the ready to serve Tetra packs of any manufacturers Chicken Broth they all looked fine to me. But when I called, none of them are gluten-free. What is in them that is making them glutened? Just curious. Kathy
  8. I really want to make cream of broccoli soup but need to find a gluten-free chicken broth or the bouillon cubes. Are there any common brands out there that are actually gluten-free?? I've called Campbell's and their broths are not gluten-free. If not what are some brands of broths or cubes sold as gluten-free that I could find in the health food store maybe. Thanks, Kathy
  9. ConAgra -- be careful. I had a VH Teryaki Sauce that looked safe but I called just in case and sure enough the VINEGAR I questioned them about was Malt Vinegar!! They don't always state a gluten ingredient. This right after the lady tells me that they will list all glutened ingredients on their labels. It angers me that companies can't just say what kind of vinegar are in their products right on the label! It would save us so many phone calls. Kathy
  10. I just wanted to share a recipe I've been using lately. Like everyone else I've tried numerous recipes and they haven't worked or came out tasting nasty. 1 egg 1/3 cup egg whites (I used the milk carton kind) 1/4 cup canola oil 1/4 honey 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 1/2 cups warm skim milk (I put in microwave for 2 min and by the time I'm done getting the other stuff ready it's warm) 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp xanthan gum 1/2 cup tapioca flour 1/2 cup Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour (usually end up adding more once in mixer) 1 cup white rice flour 1 cup brown rice flour at least 1/4 cup ground flax 1 tbsp active dry yeast I put the wet ingredients (except milk) in a bowl and mix well. Put the milk in it's own bowl and put in microwave for 2 minutes before starting preparation. Pour the warm milk in the bread mixer then the wet ingredients. Add the dry ingredients on top of the wet ingredients. Add the yeast and bake on the gluten-free cycle of your bread machine. I always help to mix it as it's mixing and if the dough is really doughy I add about 1/4 cup more All Purpose gluten-free Flour. Once it's done I take it out of the machine and let cool on a wire rack for a couple of hours. I simply wrap the bread with plastic wrap or put in a big ziploc bag and it keeps soft for days. We will NEVER go back to store bought frozen bread ever and I even like it better than the store bought glutened bread (I don't have Celiac, my son does). I have also frozen the bread and thawed for later use and it still tastes great. It took me a couple of tries to get the consistency right b/c the bottom would be doughy still. Enjoy! Kathy
  11. My son,10, was just diagnosed Thursday evening and we started gluten-free yesterday. For us it's changing our kitchen. I'm going to eat gluten-free too and my daughter will eat gluten-free at home. My husband will eat mainly gluten-free but still have his stash of a few things he really likes. I went through the cupboard last night and got rid of all products I could clearly tell were glutened. I have a pile that I can't tell for sure and am asking questions on mailing lists for answers. Problem is, I get different answers from different people! Calling companies is a major pain and I'm often on hold for a while only to get the answer "we don't add any gluten but we cannot guarantee that our suppliers product is gluten-free". It's frustrating. But, on the other hand, I'm amazed at how many mainstream products out there ARE gluten-free just not advertised on the label. I can't cook and have zero creativity with food so my hardest part is going to be cooking. For Jakob I think the hardest will be not having the typical fast food with his friends like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway as well as the treats people bring to class. There will have to be a lot more planning in our lives as far as travel b/c we live in the boonies in Canada with very little chain restaurants, never mind ones that know what gluten-free is! Lunches are hard now too. We can't just open up a can of Alphagetti and get out the door. I fed them Campbell's Chicken with Rice yesterday and today I made pasta noodles with plain old spaghetti sauce (20 minutes vs 2 minutes Alphaghetti!!). I just wish I had more time in my day!! I know a year down the road it'll be normal to us b/c that's how it was with my son's Type 1 diagnosis 6 years ago. We go through the stage of shock for a while then the learning and then it's just normal. Good luck with everything! Kathy, mom to Jakob, 10, Type 1 diabetes Mar2004, Celiac Mar2010
  12. I know we're to avoid hydrolyzed vegetable protein but I'm confused if it states "SOY". Does it mean avoid EVERYTHING with "hydrolyzed __ any vegetable source__ protein" or just avoid the ones that say only "hydrolyzed vegetable protein"?? Sorry, just learning so probably a dumb question The VH Teriyaki sauce in Canada contains: sugar, water, molasses, salt, glucose-fructose, caramel colour, hydrolyzed soy protein, corn syrup, vinegar, seasoning, artificial flavour, citric acid, wine flavour, sodium benzoate. (I see we don't know the "vinegar" either) Trying to make our first gluten-free supper for family coming over tonight. If the VH Teriyaki is unsafe is there ANY Teriyaki sauce that is safe?? Thanks for helping, Kathy (who can't cook!), mom to Jakob, 10, Type 1 Mar2004, Celiac Mar 11, 2010 (gluten-free as of yesterday.....I think/hope!), also mom to princess Jadyn, 6 and wife to Rick (who can kind of cook!)
  13. Update on us! Well we got really lucky with our local surgeon. He had a lot of OR time this month as another surgeon is off so we were able to have the scope within 2 weeks of our appointment! I work in the hospital so I asked if I could also watch the whole procedure and the answer was NO PROBLEM! It was really neat to see first-hand the things going on inside him. He had a small stomach polyp, a small hiatus hernia and a tiny bit of redness in the duodenum. The biopsy results came back POSITIVE this time! Thankfully it's all over and we got the diagnosis. WHY DO THEY PROLONG THE INEVITABLE???? I'm really PO'd at the docs here in North America b/c my son would have been diagnosed long ago if he lived in Europe. It was horrible telling my son. At 10 years old he knows what he'll be missing out on and what he won't be able to eat anymore (kids and the fast food...not that he ate a lot of it). He bawled for hours but once he stopped he seemed to accept it and get on with life. Kids are amazing. We got the diagnosis on Thursay night and we were leaving in the morning for an 8 hr road trip to buy our new truck. We decided that we as a family would have one more "normal" weekend before starting gluten-free. It meant a lot to us and yesterday we started the gluten-free diet. So far so good! It's just such a pain in the rear having to call companies to see if the main-stream product is actually gluten-free. I find a few of them won't give you an exact answer and you get the "oh, but we cannot guarantee...". Kathy
  14. With my son's 2 biopsies, they did find other issues....apparently not related to Celiac (somehow???). The first time they discovered ulcers and the second time they discovered redness and inflammation. He is STILL undiagnosed due to negative biopsies and is going in for his 3rd scope next week with a different surgeon/(he's had 1 each year). Once they discovered the ulcers the first time they tested for H.Pylori, which came back negative. Kathy, mom to Jakob, 10.
  15. WOW! Thank you for your responses. My son is 10 now and has been type 1 since he was 4. He never had the TTG run until just 2 years ago b/c we had switched endo's shortly after diagnosis and I guess she had assumed that someone had tested him already. I don't feel my son has any of those symptoms listed. He is a really good kid, is excellent in school, mature for his age, responsible, no behavioral issues at all. The ONLY thing I can think of is he spends a lot of time in the bathroom when he's in there...20+ minutes usually, and he seems to have to go urgently (BM's)....but that could be b/c he waits too long to actually go to the bathroom. He has the occassional stomach ache but not really any different than our daughter, 6. If I were to think anyone had Celiac it would be her LOL! She has major attitude, behavioral issues, talking back, mood swings, etc. Her Ttg is negative, as are my husband and I's. We had her checked for ADHD and although she has some symptoms there were not enough to diagnose her or put her on medication (felt it was just her personality). I will be sure to take your response to the surgeon next week for our appointment. I would like a scope done as well as bloodwork for all that you have mentioned. I truly appreciate your responses! Thank you, Kathy