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  1. This is a book that will be published. It will be out in Spring of 2009. The title of the book is, "Tell Me What To Eat if I Have Celiac Disease". By the way, I love the pic of your puppy. I am assuming that is a choc lab? We just got one and she is 8 weeks old tomorrow!! Kim Tessmer, RD LD
  2. Hello, I am a dietitian and am finishing up a book on gluten free diets. I am looking for anyone who might want to share an ORIGINAL recipe in the book. I am looking for any type of recipe as long as it is original and not copied from anywhere. Your name WILL show in the book along with the recipe. The simpler the better! I would need your recipe(s) by the end of the week if you are interested. Thank you! Kim Tessmer, RD LD
  3. Hello! I am a dietitian and am updating a book I wrote on gluten free diets. I would like to include tips from people who have celiac disease into the book so that those tips can help others with the same medical condition. These can be any type of tip that helps you get through your day easier as someone on a gluten free diet. It can be cooking, favorite food products, eating out, etc... Anything that makes your life easier that you would like to share with others so that they might make their life easier as well. I will add your name to your tip in the book! THanks so much! Kim Tessmer, RD LD