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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pizza Dough

    Yea, I tried to make my own, but it wasn't as good as the Kinnikinnick Foods crust.
  2. Pizza Dough

    Kinnikinnick Foods makes an excellent gluten free pizza dough. If you ask your local grocery store (go straight to the manager) to order them, they will. Harry's Farmer's Market carries them. Kroger orders them if I ask.. They are frozen and they come in 7 inch or 10 inch. They don't taste like cardboard.
  3. Sleep Issues...normal?

    Insomnia is normal with celiac. I usually get on the internet and eat something in front of my computer. The worst thing that you can do is lay there frustrated, staring at the ceiling. Sometimes the DH that is associated with celiac will keep me awake. In extreme cases, I will get up and go to Waffle House or the grocery store. When I come back, I usually go right back to sleep. Reading in bed is a good way to confront the frustration with insomnia, and get back to sleep if you don't want your roommates to think that you are crazy for going to the grocery store at 3am.
  4. I have those symptoms too. I am also allergic to MSG and dairy products. Avoid caramel colorings unless you know that they are made in the US. Pepsi products are gluten free according to a newsletter. Other cokes and deserts may contain wheat in their caramel coloring if the caramel coloring is made outside of the US. Caramel coloring is made from carbohydrates. Some companies make caramel coloring from beets. Do some research of the specific product before you consume. Soy sauce contains wheat. Alcoholic beverages use yeast in the fermentation process. I don't go near them personally. Yeast comes from wheat and it is used to break down sugars during fermentation. Check to see if you are also allergic to milk or MSG. Many celiac patients are also allergic to those things and don't even know it. There are lactase pills over the counter which may help break down the lactose if you consume small amounts of dairy. I do and I am safe. A small Frosty here and there with a lactase pill is fine. A large Frosty three days a week would be a living hell. Normal stomachs produce lactase which aid in the breakdown of lactose, but my stomach does not produce the enzyme. The enzyme pills are only $10 for 30 days worth. You only need to take them if you consume dairy. Take them at the same time you consume the dairy product. You don't have to take them on a daily basis.
  5. The reason that red wine is making you sick again, is because alcohol uses yeast in the fermentation process. Yeast is the active ingredient in wheat which makes breads rise. Fermentation is a process where the yeast breaks down the sugars and converts them to alcohol. If the wine is made from gluten free yeast, then it is probably safe. There are gluten free yeasts sold at the supermarket. It comes in a yellow and white packet. Also be careful with drinks and soups which contain caramel coloring. Caramel coloring made in the US isn't supposed to contain wheat. Pepsi products do not use wheat in their caramel coloring according to a newsletter which I saw via the internet. Dairy products and MSG can also produce similiar reactions... headaches, fatigue, indigestion, itching. Unfortunately, I am allergic to gluten, MSG, and lactose myself. If I eat wheat, I suffer for at least 5-7 days. Eating out is not easy for celiac sufferers.
  6. Can Some Please Explain Dh?

    Hi Nikky, I have celiac disease too. The problems associated with the disease are something that I have experienced too. I know the misery that is associated with the symptoms. I found out the hard way that many sufferers are also allergic to lactose. Lactose can give similiar symtoms such as indigestion and itching. Also look into MSG and see if you are allergic to that as well. It will produce similiar symptoms. It gives me headaches, itching, and I feel like I want to die. There is an enzyme that you can take called lactase which can help you with digestion in regard to dairy products. Just don't assume that you can consume as much dairy as you want though. Take in a minimal amount of dairy. A normal person's stomach produces an enzyme called lactase which breaks down the dairy. My stomach doesn't produce it, so I have to take the pills immediately if I consume some dairy. The pills are only $10 for a 30 day supply, and they are over the counter. They come in Vanilla or plain. Here are some foods that contain gluten that you may be consuming and not know it. Cokes contain wheat when the caramel coloring is processed with wheat. Pepsi says that none of their products contain wheat according to a newsletter. According to a report, caramel coloring made in the US is not made from wheat. I would not trust Coca Cola because their newsletter did not say whether they used wheat in their processing. YOu may want to find out and research. Soy sauce has wheat. San-J soy sauce is wheat free. It is sold at Harry's Farmer's Market. If you are distraught about having to give up a lot of dairy products, then that is a normal reaction. I went through that but I learned to substitute Soy Milk and Soy Ice Cream for these items. I can still eat Fruity Pebbles (HA HA HA) since it is made with corn. Eating a trace amount of wheat can ruin you for a whole week. The misery and depression comes along with the headaches, fatigue, irritability, and indigestion. Insomnia is also another symptom which comes with the disease. Benedryl helps, but I would not recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary to make the itching subside.
  7. Covered In Hives

    I have celiac disease. I have the DH reactions on my arms. It is a burning itching, and even bleeding reaction. I have discovered that I am also lactose intolerant. From my understanding, celiac disease sufferers can also be lactose intolerant. The lactose makes me have diarehha (however you spell it) and some intense rashes with itching. MSG is another thing to stay away from. It will produce headaches, fatigue, and you feel like you want to die. I don't know if everybody with celiac has the same reaction to MSG or milk, but I know that both of those are common forbidden foods for people with allergies. Caramel coloring sometimes has wheat, depending on where it is made. Pepsi products do not use wheat in making the caramel coloring in their products according to a newsletter. I don't know about Coca Cola, but I know that Dr. Pepper has wheat. Soy sauce has wheat. Pastas, undistilled vinegars, some sauces, bread, cereals, and so on. Benedryl can help with the reactions, but I wouldn't recommend taking it unless absolutely necessary. It is best to take Benedryl at night only because of it's ability to make you drowsy. You can take lactase enzyme pills to help digest dairy products. Just don't think that you can consume a lot of dairy because of the pill. It is an aid to digest it, but not a miracle solution. Try to eat minimal amounts of cheese or dairy products when consuming a lactase pill. The pills are cheap (about $10 for a 30 day supply). They have been working fine for me, but I can't overdo the amount of dairy that I consume. A small amount of cheese on a gluten free pizza is fine, but I would not recommend consuming a large Frosty from Wendy's.. A small Frosty is ok though. If you like Soy Sauce and cannot say, "NO," then there is a brand made by San-J. It is excellent! They sell it at Harry's Farmers Market.