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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mind Fog, Anxiety

    Cinnamon, I hear you about soy. But, it is almost impossible to be gluten free and soy free. But, I wish I could find a way. Soy milk made me violently ill the two times I tried it, but it doesn't have that effect when it is added to a product that isn't liquid. But, I wonder if it contributes to mind fog. Speaking of Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, when I was working with kids with those disabilities, it scared me to recognize some of their characteristics in myself. Neither was on a gluten free diet.
  2. Gosh, thanks everyone. So, it isn't just me. Wow. Amazing. I have to admit I was lying about giving up chocolate--completely. But, I have cut way back and am noticing a difference. Our friend in Tampa has invited us down and offered to make some exotic dish using corn tortillas. How nice is that? Most people so far haven't even remembered or taken me seriously when I've said I'm eating gluten free. But, it really doesn't affect me. They'll catch on eventually and in the mean time I'll just eat what I can and leave the rest.
  3. Back in the days when I was still searching for a B that would work, they all had the same effect. The B12 shot was done by an MD who practiced alternative medicine, and my ins. didn't pick up any of the tab. I paid $30 for the shot.
  4. I am B deficient, but can't take the vitamins because they give me yeast infections and can't afford the B12 shots because they only last for one day--the extra energy and well-being feeling. Wish I COULD have them several times a week.
  5. Hi everyone. Is this possible? My adult onset ADD, anxiety--both gone and my hearing in my left ear has improved. The only thing that has changed is that I've cut out gluten. Anyone ever heard of this? Much fewer fog moments is a good thing. Someone close to me recently remarked how much more self-assured I seem. Honestly, my diet is the only thing that's changed. I also notice after eating chocolate that I get hot flashes so I'm cutting that out. Any ideas, comments, opinions, research-based facts would all be appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. Eating gluten free and msg free is challenging because so many companies disguise msg with names such as "autolyzed yeast extract" and a myriad of other names. I still remember getting sick after eating a Thanksgiving meal at my mother's in the late 80s/early 90s and discovering later they were starting the injecting craze. I also am leary about anything they inject because they have many ways to disguise msg and probably gluten also on the label.