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  1. Raw-foodisem really caught my eye because it is so high in greens, and personally i just feel "at my best" the more greens I eat, I love fruit to, but the greens seem to do better at keeping me going. I did read a little on 80/10/10 but I also read a few conflicting opinions on it...no doubt you are correct regarding in raw vegan diet being very high in fat. However the fats are very good ones, high in omegas, not just omega 9's either I eat quite a bit of flax to, that has omega 3's,6's, & 9's. I try to keep the nut patties and deserts to a minimum, it's so easy to consume a half a cup or more of nuts/seed in one sitting this way! Thank you for your suggestion, I really should keep an eye on those nuts and seeds even if they are healthier than other fat options, like butter! lol. You do have me thinking about checking out that 80/10/10 book though!
  2. Thank you for your reply, and I completely agree with you. this is something I can stick with, not sure I could stick with daily calorie changes, but weekly is great. I will try Quinoa next week just to be really sure, this week I am following 2k calories, next week I start 1200?
  3. I wanted to ask one more thing about the diet program you suggested, Is it really ok to go from 2000 calories a day for a week and then immediately go to 1200 calories for a week? I have been reading a little about this calorie cycling, or zig zag diet, seems most people shift calories on a daily basis, it makes more since to me to do it your way, remembering how many calories you need to consume every day when it changes everyday is kind of silly to me. I like having a constant set amount of calories better for at least a week at a time as you suggested. The only way I can see it being better is if it was more effective...any thoughts on this? I started my week of 2000 calories a few days ago...surprisingly I have not gained any more weight. I can't wait to see what will happen next week when I go to 1200 calories a day. Thank you everyone for your advice, low carb is always a good way to go on any diet.
  4. Thats fantastic! 1-2lbs a week?! That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I will keep this thread updated, I am sure there are others who have no idea, like I did, that they are in starvation mode. I just thought you needed to consume less calories than you expend. I probably spent over $1,000 on Dr. visits (with co-insurance) and all I was ever told is to cut more calories. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your expertise with me. A HUGE thank you.
  5. Thank you so much! I cant tell you how much that means to me to hear this. For protein I do eat raw nuts and seeds, I also have sashimi (raw fish) a couple times a month. Raw nuts and seed on a daily basis. Mostly almonds. I also eat quite a bit alfalfa sprouts daily in my salads. I probably eat about 1/4-1/2 cup of raw nuts and seeds a day. I plan on having a cooked meal once a week, something safe and simple like my rice and grilled chicken or fish. I chart everything I eat on a site called calorie count, just to be really sure of how many calories I eat. I will try this plan, this week I have been on the high side of 1700 calories a day, in 3 weeks I will up it to 2000 and then start back down. Can I continue on this plan until I lose all the weight? I know it will be slow, but as long as I am losing even 1/4 lb a week I will be thrilled! by the way after the full 5-6 week program how much weight does your class lose (average-ish)
  6. Hello! I have been gluten free for about 7 months, before I was diagnosed I was on nutirsystems, I lost a total of 20 lbs over the course of 1 year on the plan...I was still about 15-20 lbs over weight at this point. After I was diagnosed I just ate grilled chicken and rice, some fruits and raw veggies. Like many of you I gained some weight after going gluten free, I went back up to 170lbs (female 5'5.5") So I started eating really healthy, nothing processed, charting everything I ate, I was eating about 900 calories a day when my Dr. recommended that I further cut that down to 800 calories a day. I also had a exercise plan of about an hour a day included weight training. I was not losing weight. My Dr. checked my thyroid, checked for metabolic syndrome, and adrenal diseases through a 24 hour cortisone test, everything came back very normal. Recently I read some about "starvation mode" so I uped my calorie intake slowly back up to 1500 calories a day, of course this made me gain about 5 lbs, I also at the same time started a raw vegan diet, eating all raw food (fruit for bfast, salad for lunch, dinner might be spaghetti made from zucchini made into noodles...etc). I also do about 30 minutes a day of wii fit, I have been told that doing more than 30 minutes will put me back into starvation mode. I have lost no weight since my diagnosis, gained about 25 lbs. Any ideas out there on what I can do to lose a little weight? Maybe someone has been through this?
  7. Carbs are pretty much anything besides Meat, dairy, and fat. I don't have hypoglycemia, but here are some low GI foods that you might not have thought of: Best low glycemic index carbs: Buckwheat (kasha) be careful if you are buying pasta, make sure it's gluten-free Couscous Beans: Lentils, Black-eyed peas, Chick-peas Kidney beans, Peas: Lima beans, Peas, Sweet Potato Yam Most Vegetables Fruit: Most fruit and natural fruit juices, including apple, berries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, honeydew, oranges, pears, grapes, peaches, applesauce, (Cherries, plums and grapefruit lowest). oatmeal (if you are allowed it, most Dr.'s allow 5 oz cooked per day) Remember, any pre-cooked rice instant rice or quick cook oats or Musilli is going to be terribly high on the glycemic index, as well as your boxed cereals. Watch out for really sugary fruit such as pineapple and watermelon. Stay away from instant mashed potatoes. Boil or roast a potato it's much lower in GI also remember to keep your portions in check, this is probably the most important advice beside the advice to eat a protein with your carbs. Eating a protein with your carbs helps stabilize your blood sugar, so whenever you have a full serving of carbs try to have a yogurt or some cheese with it. hope this helps.
  8. Los Angeles?

    I know this is a bit late, lol, but I thought I would post a few choices in LA. Sushi for one, bring your own gluten-free soysauce, wasabi is gluten-free. El pollo loco never been glutenend there.
  9. Is Slim Fast Gluten Free?

    check out my info on another ready to drink shake that is claiming to be "absolutely gluten free" called Mix 1. Link to my mix1 thread
  10. I researched many diet shakes and found a inexpensive (compared to another gluten-free diet shake program mentioned on the boards) shake that appears to be gluten-free, Mix1 :Mix 1 website Mix1 is a 200 calorie shake with some pretty interesting flavors like mango or lime. I have always hated how the diet industries think all we really need is peanut butter or chocolate flavors, lol. Sometimes they get creative and make a chocolate-peanut butter flavor! Though I wish Mix1 had a coffee flavor, maybe one day. They claim on their faq's that they are "Absolutely gluten free". FAQ's and these shakes can be used as a small meal replacement. I am thinking small meal means Breakfast or lunch, which is what I planed to use them for. These are a bit more expensive then slim-fast at $24 for a 12 pack, or $2.50 each from my local health food store, but they look to be really gluten free, unlike slim fast that just likes to print gluten free on their packages. It might be possible to use these shakes and follow the "slim fast" diet to lose weight with these. Slim fasts plans is such: Breakfast: 1 Shake Snack: 1/2 banana Lunch: 1 shake and a 200 calorie food item (they recommend a half turkey sandwich) Snack: 120 calorie food item and a fruit Dinner: 500 calories (they show a picture of a grilled chicken breast and a plate full of broccoli) Snack: fruit (some grapes) I am new here and I am only posting this info for others like me who need to lose some weigh or maybe newly diagnosed can benefit from the convince like a pre made shake until they can buy a cook book or establish a gluten free diet. I know my first week was a doozy, the sky was down the ground was up, wha'da'ya mean no more cake?! Gluten in my shampoo? Soy sauce? I would have been pretty happy to have been told about a shake that I could have as a meal that was safe. I did contact Mix1 through their website and wrote them this letter: Hi there! Well I am very excited about your product! My question is do you test your products for the standard 200 parts per million or less levels of gluten? I have forum post about your product on Celiac.com because of your strong statement regarding that your product is "absolutely gluten free". Many companies claim to have "gluten free" products, but they are not, simply because they cannot guarantee no cross contamination has occurred during possessing and shipment of their ingredients. I understand as a business owner myself, that this extend of quality control and testing is extremely difficult. However as a member of Celiac.com I can only recommend products that are truly gluten free as many people with Celiac disease risk the chance of complicating their disease to a life threating condition if they ingest even the smallest amount of gluten. Thank you so much for your time, I hope to hear back from you. Should you have any questions please let me know and I will do my very best to answer them for you. Thank you again. Sent 12/10/2008 Hopefully they will reply. I will update this post if and when they do. Even if they do not reply, it might make them think about removing "gluten free" from their labels if they do not comply. Though I am really hoping that they come though for us.