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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have the exact same question, so I'm replying to this message hoping someone will see this and know the answer.
  2. Are either of the following lip balms gluten-free? Rite Aid Lip Balm SPF 30 Walgreens Chap-Aid Lip Balm Cherry
  3. Great points. I'll check with my wife on toiletries. Any typical warning areas? I asked my wife if Cascade dishwashing detergent or something similar could be an issue. We know school lunch isn't an issue because my wife sends a lunch with her every day with the carbohydrates pre-counted (so she can give insulin for her diabetes). We are eliminating eating out for the next 8 weeks although the following are the only places she has food outside our house. 1. On the Border (Tex-Mex) - She only eats the grilled chicken and queso dip since they confirmed those 2 are gluten free. We bring our own chips from home. 2. Fries from Chick-fil-A - but only after confirming with the manager that the frier is dedicated to the fries only. 3. Vanilla Ice Cream scoop in a cup at Braum's 4. Chicken & Fries from a restaraunt (Laura's Bistro) that has dedicated its entire menu to 100% gluten-free.
  4. That is very helpful to know. The point is that her TTG is not way down after 3 months. In fact, it shows zero sign of numerical movement... both times the number has been >100 (but who knows what the real number is... maybe it is moving down but is still above 100 because it started so high?) I'd be interested in anyone who started with TTG above 100 to see how long it took to show reduced levels.
  5. Our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac in December. (She has type 1 diabetes also.) Her tTG was > 100 (We don't know how high since they don't measure > 100). A biopsy confirmed her celiac diagnosis as well. Today, 3 months after being on a 100% gluten free diet, we got her bloodwork back and all celiac markers are still present. Her tTG was still > 100. The natural question is whether we have made a mistake on one of her foods. But the doctor did suggest that in extreme cases a person's villi could be healing, yet the antibodies could always be present and thus never allowing the bloodwork to produce an accurate assessment of whether her body is healing. Only a biopsy would confirm this hypothesis. One more hypothesis is that we have no idea how far above 100 her tTG was when she was diagnosed and conceivably, her tTG is dramatically lower today, yet still above 100 since she could have been much higher in December. She has gained 2 pounds (from 47 lbs to 49) and grown 3/4 inch in these 3 months. She no longer gets any of the headaches she complained about before diagnosis. She never had the other stomach issues that are common to others. On the surface, she seems more healthy and it seems like our efforts are working. Yet, again, her tTG and other celiac markers look the same which is contradictory. To the best of our knowledge, she has been on a perfect gluten-free diet since Christmas with zero exceptions. We have researched every food she eats and watched carefully for cross-contamination. We have called manufacturers. Clearly, we need to reexamine everything we are doing. Could someone please help advise or speculate? Could any of the hypotheses above be possible? We worked to achieve 100% perfection in caring for our daughter. When in doubt, don't let her eat it (including vitamins). Yet today's bloodwork feels so painful because we wonder if our efforts have failed.
  6. Our 7 year-old daughter has type 1 diabetes. Today, we received blood work results suggesting she is positive for celiac. We have an appointment with a gastro doctor Tuesday. We were told by her normal doctor and by a friend NOT to change her diet before that appointment because it might prevent the gastro from confirming whether or not she has celiac. This is counter-intuitive to me. I was prepared to go straight to the grocery store to purchase new foods in order to stop additional potential damage we might be doing to her body until we find out we had a false positive. What do you recommend? Should she continue her previous diet as normal for the next few days?