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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Changes Since Going Gf...

    Vydorscope, I have had trouble with my weight as well once I went gluten-free. I have put on the weight, but my appetite had increased quite a bit, initially. I was wondering if the other flours that are used in our gluten-free stuff has a greater amount of carbs than wheat flour? I have cut out a lot of the gluten-free breads that I was eating and have included a little more exercise than before and seem to be maintaining my current weight, albeit I am still 10 pounds more than I ever weighed before. It's probably an individual thing more than anything else I think, because I have also read that several still have difficulty gaining weight. Funny what are bodies will do! Deb
  2. I've Fallen

    Hi Michelle, Yeah, I get depressed often too... but I don't know if it's related to Celiac or life-style. I work two jobs and am robbing Peter to pay Paul. I have noticed that I get really depressed when very tired, so maybe that's part of what's causing your depression.... So try to make yourself go to bed a little earlier to get an extra hour of rest. I make myself do that and feel better the next day. Also, exercise helps me have a better, more positive attitude, so maybe you should go out and run when feeling this way (or better yet, find a rug that needs cleaning and "beat it" clean). Hope you feel better soon! DJ
  3. I found out I had Celiac last September and I am 51.... had never heard of this disease until my gastroenterologist mentioned that it was a possibility for my malabsorption and chronic diarrhea symptoms. He took a blood test that confirmed Celiac Sprue (he said 98%) and I opted to forego the colonoscopy since I had little insurance and little money as well. Had no symptoms until August last year when I began having diarrhea that I could not stop and then splotches on my arms and legs, weight loss, and vomiting. I also have Diabetes Type 1 and now wonder if the two diseases are somehow contributory to one another. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 1 when I was 21 years old. The diet does take a lot of preparation, I think, because none of the gluten-free breads that are sold in the store are any good. I have learned to bake my own bread and cookies. Never was a big bread-eater before, but I have found I really like the taste of these special flour breads. (I also use Bette Hagmans bread and desert recipe books). I never spent much time baking before, but now I find that a LOT of time is required so that I don't miss the wheat food so much. I think that switching to this new diet is a lot easier, though, than I thought it would be. Well, my internist is concerned that I am still anemic so I have now scheduled an endoscopy and colonoscopy with my gastroenterologist. I guess this will be the official confirmation of the Celiac diagnosis, though my health improved rapidly after going gluten-free. So many things to learn and still going through changes! But you know I have gone from completely ignorant about Celiac to somewhat knowlegeable (and still learning)..... kind of like buying a new car.... I didn't see so many of my brand until I started driving one. Best of Luck! Deb
  4. Quinoa Flakes

    Jessica, I was in the mood for oatmeal cookies as well and I found a recipe in Bette Hagmans Desert cookbook that called for soy flakes. Haven't been able to find any soy flakes, was wondering if they are still made? Maybe I will try substituting the Quinoa flakes instead, if I can find them. I live in a smaller town and we only have a Sun Harvest here, but I don't think I have seen any Quinoa flakes other than in cereal. Would that be okay to use? Deb
  5. thanks for your input guys! My doctor has finally presribed some iron pills, so after listening to what you had to say, here's to hoping that these pills will do the trick. I am assuming that once I get my bloodwork in good condition that maybe I won't feel as much muscle and bone pain. I am also trying to establish a good exercise routine as I have noticed that once I stretch and work out a bit, I feel less pain in my muscles (for a while anyway). Thanks for your help! deb
  6. Hi All, I was diagnosed with Celiac in Sept. 04 through a blood test that my abdominal specialist gave me as a result of chronic diarrhea and malnutrition. After going on a gluten-free diet, my health improved drastically within 2 weeks, so I decided not to do the colonocsopy at that time. BTW, I also have diabetes type 1. When I went to see my internist recently, he was concerned that I am still anemic and iron deficient and suggested that I go back to my abdominal doc for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. OK, I have scheduled those for the end of this month.... Now my question(s): Is anemia an ongoing problem with Celiac? Do we ever recover from it? My bones or muscles seem to ache all the time and I am struggling with my new diet and resultant blood sugars. But overall, I really feel pretty good. I would like to hear what others have to say about their experiences with anemia and any of the above. Thanks! Deb
  7. Gained 15 Pounds 2 Months

    I can feel your pain. I had dropped about 15 pounds when I became ill, and was diagnosed Celiac in Sept 04. Since October, I have gained 25 pounds. I am also diabetic, Type 1, but I think my weight gain is attributed to the amount of bread that I have added to my diet. Since there are not many fast food places we can go to, I have been taking my lunch to work, usually a sandwich with the homemade bread I make.... I rarely ate sandwiches before! Plus, as my health improved my appetite increased considerably. I am also struggling with trying to fit into my clothes.... most of my pants no longer fit and I am reluctant to go shopping for new clothes because I am hoping to lose 10 pounds by curbing my appetite and getting into an excercise routine. I am hoping that within another month I can adjust my diet to more appropriate foods and stay away from the breads. This should improve my blood sugar as well. Has anybody out there been able to shed the weight they have gained as a result of Celiac Sprue?