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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey! I am with you...at 34! Hoping my Dr. can help me next week. If you have a primary who caught this that is great. You have a great head start in that you had a Dr. smart enough to order that test for you....otherwise how knows when you would have caught it! (I keep telling myself that...but it still is very lame!). Good luck!
  2. Hi ERR, I wanted to make sure you knew to take some really good supplements. At least in my case it helped me build my body back faster. The ones available at CVS were awful on my system, but I got sent to a nutritionist who was more on the homeopathic side and the stuff is GREAT. I wish you luck and hope to hear an update. Could not reply to PM for some reason.
  3. Anyone Unemployed Or Divorced Because Of Celiac?

    Hi, Separated due to Celiac and now trying to save my marriage. Not sure which way it will go. I often joke that I wish people had clued me in no what feeling like a human was supposed to be like. My pregnancy threw the then undiagnosed Celiac into overdrive. Lost 100 pounds in 7 months (I weight 110 now after putting on some weight) and husband asked me to leave and I moved out while deathly ill and had to care for an infant. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for still trying to save this marriage, but when every Dr. and every Shrink either tells you you are fine or diagnoses you with something new - how could my husband believe something like a WAFFLE was killing me. Not to mention I was not in a healthy mental state at all - that really hurt him. AGGHGHGHHGHG I HATE GLUTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. One more thing regarding that website: http://www.marriagebuilders.com/cgi-bin/ul...=3;t=000476;p=0
  5. Read everything you can at www.divorcebusting.com and get the book. My marriage is holding on my a thread, we are seeing mediators but still with a couselor. We have been separated for a year, I have an 18 month old son. It is awful. All because of my misdiagnosed Celiac. www.divorcebusting.com and the book got me to the point were he said he wanted to reconcile, I had it in my hand, then it was gone because of something that happened. My post is choppy and weird because I have been crying most of tonight. Good luck. I am sure there are a lot of us out there. IT IS THE GLUTEN. If any "normal" person was put into our bodies while sick for even 5 minutes they would ask to be brought to the hospital. During my darkest moments I thank God that I was diagnosed before it killed me. Lost 100 pounds in 7 months etc. the whole works, losing hair, heart trouble, shaking, lost vision etc. psychiatric issues... All gone now. Again, no matter what I try to tell myself I am not dead and can get through this. Even if I am divorced, I still have my beautiful son who is worth all of this hell. Yeah, go read that book. Keep me posted. It took a REALLY long time for my husband to believe it was the Gluten. Don't push your wife and get the Divorce Busting Book right away before you do things that will push her further away.
  6. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    Hi BURDEE, You make a good point I have not considered (as I am just too relieved to not be a mental and physical wreck anymore without eating gluten!). I really get sick with soy sauce (again through learning what I can and can't eat.) I will look into the soy allergy - good point. I will mention this ELISA test to my Dr. and look into that. It definitly can't hurt. Thanks!
  7. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    And a big Yummy Yes to Uno's Gluten free pizza!
  8. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    Thanks Happygirl - I really appreciate it. I am new and so HATE to get sick. It's the pits. (I am also new to forums in general and lack proper etiqutte most likely - I will learn fast - promise!)
  9. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    To answer the original question, no, I can't handle them but Burger King I have had 3 times now without issue. I apologize if my information is outdated that I have referenced. It is so confusing to try and not get sick as even cross contamination kills me, even McDonald's lists wheat as an ingredient in their fries in their nutrition guide as of today: http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/nutritionex...ngredients.html Sigh! Trial and error! Thanks!
  10. Hi, thank you for asking -When I eat Gluten now I get instant head fog, a tightness in my head and severe abdominal cramping and diarreha. I usually vomit, my tongue feels weird and slimy and numb and I get tired and thirsty. It sucks but pales in comparison to how sick I was before this was discovered. It is the abdominal cramping that brings me to my knees. It even happens with stupid cross contamination from using the same knife in jelly or something dumb like that. I am getting better with that. At first my body was just so sick that I didn't notice the subtle poisonings.
  11. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    McDonanld's fries are the worst because they are made with Gulten, fried in Gluten then sprinkled with Gluten as far as I have read. Burger king fries I have been okay with so far. They usually have a dedicated fryer just for fries so there is no cross there. Then they just leave them alone. I have had them 3 times now and I have been okay so far. It's crazy that eating a french fry poses such a health hazard! This morning I screwed up. I put jelly on my rice toast that I must have used to put Jelly on my son's "normal" toast. I am new and now I am very good about not eating Gluten (quite a feat) I am trying to tackle the cross contamination. I can't believe your body can be so sensitive to something. But fog head and gurgle intestines don't lie.
  12. My not being able to take a deep breath and the feeling like someone was sitting on me was because of a severe magnesium deficiency brought on by the celiac. I took supplements and it went away.
  13. I didn't wait for my test results to come back before getting off gluten. I started with eliminating wheat for 2 weeks. I felt better so I then elimintated the gluten. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I felt so much better within a month and symtoms that I had no idea were related that have plagued me for 20 years go away with each passing month. As I saw no harm in going off Gluten as a trial I had nothing to lose. My tests came back inconclusive but there is no way in hell I would ever have eaten Gluten again - and now when I do I just get really sick. Go off for a trial - you'll probably know if you are on the right track after a month. Can't say for sure but it sure did work for me. I didn't need to see it in black and white to know I felt better (though I understand wanting the official results) Again, still won't hurt to give it a try!
  14. Hi, is it shortness of breath or kinda like feeling like you can't take a deep breath at all? Like can't really expand your lungs fully or that someone is sitting on your chest? That might be an odd question but I ask for a reason.