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  1. I'm in greece at the moment, looking for some guidance!!!!! Especially regarding meat/fish - gyros or souvlaki. I've got the celiac.com dining cards, but had two goes at it today for 2 non gluten-free meals!!!! not feeling good at all now can anyone help me negotiate greece? mainly lunch and dinner (BYO my breakfast)
  2. To the Greek Celiak! I'm in Athens currently, heading over to Ios, mykonos and Santorini in 2 days. I've decided i'm pretty safe with greek salads, what about the meat? the gyros or souvlaki meat - should i eat it? today at lunch - i ahd chicken from skewers and felt sick today at dinner - fish oven baked with tomato ad basil on top (oil also i think) but felt sick. THey served it with rice. Both times i've shownt he Celiac card, they ahve been polite and recommended a dish, no bread has come my way and no fries... but i've still felt sick. Quite deflating, but do you have any guidance? especially re: meat? cheers rohan
  3. Jackie, I am heading to Whistler for a few months and would be interested to hear the answer to this question also!!! In my brief internet research, you may want to check out an Italian restaurant called "Quattro" which does Gluten Free pasta - they have a website: http://www.quattrorestaurants.com I'm not sure of how expensive it is, but nevertheless its impressive that they offer gluten-free pasta ! Will await Rusia/any else's comments Cheers