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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The mascara by 'just for red heads' is gluten free but, it is not made on gluten free lines. So there could be trace amounts that would get into the solution but, would that then get in your eyes? What would you do? What do you do? I want a very light brown mascara and I can only find it through them. An alternative I have heard of was mixing vaseline and eyeshadow for the right gluten free color and then buying a mascara wand..I haven't tried this yet. What would you do?
  2. I don't know any Celiacs. I really want a Celiac friend. Is there anyone from Vancouver Island here? Riv
  3. Hi, I think I need to stop eating rice as well as all other grains. I just need to come up with a replacement food first. I think I am going to try bean flours by Bob's Red Mill. What was the difference from before to after for you? I still feel out of it and it has been about 6ish months gluten free I am pretty sure eliminating rice will make a difference. Did eliminating rice make you feel with it again? Thanks, Riv
  4. Hi, does anybody have a homemade pasta recipe without gluten, rice, sorghum, millet, corn, eggs, soy, dairy... I would like to use pea flour, garbanzo bean flour.. or ..any suggestions? Can I make pasta with just water and one of those flours, without it falling apart when flattened?
  5. Hi, I found this brand of pasta, Six fortune, in the ethnic section of Thrifty foods and several of their pastas are Gluten free and manufactured on gluten free lines. It is very inexpensive as well! Six fortune Mung bean thread Six fortune Vermicelli Has anyone tried this before? Here is the company website www.sixfortune.ca They got back to me right away. This is what the company wrote me back, " Thanks for your inquiry. Our supplier confirmed that
  6. Anyone From Vancouver Island?

    Hi Patrick, in 69 years have you found you have a problem with other grains as well as gluten grains?
  7. I too think that rice is a problem for myself as well as all other grains, dairy and soy, eggs, apples, pears, potatoes... I can tolerate hemp seeds and hemp protein powder though. I use a hemp protein powder from the company Prairie Naturals. It is gluten free and manufactured on gluten free lines as well. I just called the company a few days ago to check. It does help if you are looking for a nutritious base for a drink. You can add cod liver oil and flax seed oil to it and that should taste gross enough to feel good and help her. I eat a lot of wild fish. I don't tolerate farmed or grain fed animals very well. Maybe she should test out pasture fed meats and only wild seafood if she hasn't already. I feel very good when I eat oysters! Unlike anything else. Green pea flour feels fine to me..actually good by bobs red mill but, I don't know how to bake with that alone. Maybe your mom would like to try that or chick pea flour? I haven't tried this yet but maybe bob's red mill makes a gluten free version as well.. keep us updated on what is working for your mom, I would love to know.
  8. Hello, I have not been in a bar since gluten free. What do I need to watch out for in regards to cross contamination?
  9. Anyone From Vancouver Island?

    Hi, that sounds great!
  10. Anyone From Vancouver Island?

    Hi, thanks! That sounds really nice but, I probably won't make it up there though. I hope you have a good time! River
  11. Anyone From Vancouver Island?

    Hi! In 85..wow. How old are you now? I remember a gluten free grocery store in Victoria between London drugs and Market on Yates? Is it still there?
  12. The Celiac Belly

    It will go away. My belly did that until I went gluten free. It's so funny reading this, I thought I was the only one..lol It's so nice, it does go away so don't worry but, it didn't for a good while because the same thing would happen when I would eat nachos made from corn. You may be reacting to something else or you may be getting cc from something. Your partner has to be careful too.
  13. This response was around May 2009 Tech Response: Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delayed response. Here is the information that you requested: The following OPI products contain hydrolyzed wheat and/or oat protein, which may have traces of gluten: Acrylic Nail Base Coat Feet
  14. Is there such thing as a gin distilled from something other than grains. I know they say the gluten molecule is too large to pass through the distillation process but, I have read over and over of people who are still effected by vinegars, gin...etc I would rather drink something that has not been distilled from grains at all just to be safe at this point and maybe experiment later when my system has evened out. So does anyone know of a gluten free gin that has NOT come from grains?
  15. I contacted the company and here is what they wrote back: 06/03/09 Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Wolf Blass. Additives that contain gluten cannot be added to still wine and dessert wine and, therefore, can be consumed safely in moderation. Australian-made sparkling wine does not contain any additives that contain gluten, but imported sparkling wine and Champagne may contain spirit derived from wheat grain. Fortified wines and sherry, are permitted to add caramel during production. Caramel, which is additive number 150, may originate from wheat starch and hence may contain residual gluten. This cannot be known with any certainty as the identity and purity specifications referred to in the Australian Food Standards Code do not regulate the base grain from which the caramel is derived, and wine makers may source caramel from different suppliers during vintage and between vintages. Therefore, you should avoid consuming any fortified wines and sherries that include caramel among their list of ingredients on the back of the bottle label. The French Wine Barrels that we frequently use are sealed with a flour/ water paste. However, the amount of gluten contributed to the wine from the paste would be very minimal and below the limit of analytical detection. We strongly recommend you contact your General Practitioner to discuss this information further. Alternatively, the Coeliac Society of Australia can be contacted on www.coeliac.org.au. Please contact us again should you have any further queries we can assist you with. Kind Regards, Wolf Blass Consumer Relations 1300 651 650 (Australia) | 0800 651 650 (NZ)