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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello all. My dad was diagnosed with Celiac
  2. Hello. Try not to be afraid. I know it is scary. My 19 month old doesn
  3. My 19 month old daughter had her biospy yesterday. Went as well as to be expected (she was MAD when she woke up from the general, lol). We are expecting a diagnosis of celiac disease, as my Dad has it (diagnosed 3 years ago) and all the blood tests have been positive. Add that to her history of no weight gain/weight loss and well...Vicky has no other symptoms of celiac disease (except maybe a swollen tummy sometimes) - her bowel movements have always been fine (thank goodness) and she's a very happy baby. Right now she still is not on the growth chart at 5%. She dropped off the growth chart between 15-18 months of age (at 18 months she weighed what she did at 12 months!). My daugher (and her older brother) attend daycare full time. Daycare provides meals for them (breakfast, lunch and two snacks a day). Cleary, Vicky will be brown bagging it, as most of the food at daycare contains gluten. I'm putting together an information packet for her school and I'm wondering, not only what to include, but how much we have to worry about cross-contamination. Should the daycare workers wash their hands (or change their gloves) if they go from serving goldfish crackers to Vicky crackers? Things like that. Also, Vicky has always been a very picky eater - trying new things is not easy. Its never easy with a 19 month old and new food, but compared to her brother (that boy can eat, lol), she just doesn't want anything different. I've been looking for similar things for her (e.g., she loves chex cereal and I've gotten the gluten-free corn and rice chex), but I'm stuck for crackers (saltines and goldfish are her favorite) - anyone have some favorites. Have given her some rice type crackers, and its been a no go. And, what does everyone suggest for a bread machine. We have a really old one (makes a round loaf) - I know I'll be making alot of bread in the coming years and I wonder if anyone has some suggestions on what ones work well with the gluten-free mixes and the gluten-free recipes out there. Thanks! Thanks everyone.
  4. I'm very new to this forum, but my 19 month old daughter has Celiac's (just diagnosed via blood test), but wanted to add a thought. Have you considered the possibility of reflux (GIRD)? The spitting up/throwing up is classic in reflux, although in babies you usually see the reflux earlier in life and then it gets better. My son (now just over 3) had reflux as a baby that was controlled by medication and my daughter had reflux as well (they didn't have the classic spitting up issue, however) - we thought my daughters weight problem might be reflux related, as she hardly ate anything, but it turns out to be Celiac's (my dad has Celiac's). Reflux can cause similar problems as Celiac's. Hope I didn't add to the jumble of things going around in your head too much. It is just something to keep in mind and mention to the doctor if the Celiac's is negative.
  5. Hello all. My daughter, Vicky, is 19 months old and was just diagnosed with Celiacs. My dad was diagnosed (in his 50s) about 3 years ago. Presently, the diagnosis has been through the anti-endomesial antibody blood screening and we visit a pediatric GI doc next week. I'm sure our story is familiar, so y'all don't need the minute details. As a baby she had reflux (controlled by Prevacid) and when she transitioned to solid food, she seemed to do ok. We took her off the medication at about 12 months and she was just getting into table food. However, she was not a big eater at all and at 15 months, she had gained weight (compared to 12 months), but not along the same curve (normally the 30-40% in weight). In June/July we noticed that her eating was getting very sparse and that she was getting skinny