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  1. gee its good to hear I'm not the ONLY overweight celiac! I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with DH. It took awhile to find some of the trickier sources of gluten. I think my weight is mostly due to my personal support of the Ben & Jerry Corp. (I'm not lactose intolerant....yet) Just very recently I have been battling constipation. That has NEVER been a problem before. I had some dental work done and was given some Vicodin for pain. I only took two doses, but BOY did that bind things up. And I have been having problems since. I thought it was just another insult from my aging body (53) Who knows? Steve
  2. Speaking of external sources.... When I had an annual TB test a few years ago, he nurse who checked the site commented on the redness around the site where the cloth medical tape had been used to keep the site sterile. wadda ya think ? A little wheat based adhesive? I have made sure now that I get the more transparent looking tape vs the cloth and haven't had any other problems. And of course the glue used on stamps and envelopes. steve