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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello. I definitly get a lot of lower back pain when I get sick from some type of food. I always wondered if that had something to do with the food or what. I never really understood. I also have had problems with foods combined at times when they are ok by themselves and sometimes food is ok by itself when it makes me sick combined. it's REALLY weird. I am with youon the WAY fed up about having to think about food. Im usually not negative and complain much but this topic gets me in my not happy state haha.... im at the point where I hate to eat and I hate food. Sometimes I just wish I didnt have to eat. BUT when I dont eat i get major hypoglycemia. OH Lord Jesus we need help!! (I pray often for the supply of the Lord bc Im about to go crazy! hah!)
  2. Amen THank you so much for your reply. I am very interested to try this. I was eating very few complex carbs the past couple weeks and then a couple days ago I had this starving, dizzy, crazy attack and went crazy on carby foods (hummus, rice cakes, corn chips.. all gluten free things.. I really tried to avoid gluten hah) and now since then im craving them really bad. Now I'm constantly hungry, dizzy, lots of headaches and cant stop eating (esp carbs and sweet things). Your positive reaction has me really interested in this book. i've tried so many diets, so many elimination foods, so many of everything and have NO IDEA what is wrong with me!! Im still trying out this gluten thing since it's so hard to get a doctor in Mississippi to believe me and help me get an accurate test. My GI didnt even check my biopsy when I have an endoscopy done (can u believe it?! and i asked to please check haha). How soon after you started the diet did you notice a change in how you felt and how hard is the first week or two when you first start? I really really appreciate it. Thanks so much! In Christ jenn
  3. Hello. I see that there are a lot of things you are unable to eat. I have a lot of problems and Im almost positive it is mostly caused by foods. How did you come to find out what you could and couldnt eat and what CAN you eat?? I'm 25 and pray it doesnt take till I'm 35 to feel better thank u. Jenn
  4. I was just wondering if anyone on here has pernicious anemia and if you do.. how did you find out? I have a lot of the symptoms and would like to look further into it. Thanks! Jenn
  5. I feel like you do a lot of times. I also have hypoglycemia and have realized I feel much better when I avoid almost all complex grain carbs. I know some people say it's unhealthy but from my personal experience it helps. Also I have to eat at least every 2-3 hrs. If i dont I get horrible mind fog, anger, dizziness, ect that can also occur with gluten intolerance. It might have been the eggs actually. The other morning I made scrambled eggs and felt horrible. it was the other thing I ate that was different than normal. It might just be a little while before u can add them back in. How long have u been gluten free? good luck! May Jesus Christ be with you! Jenn
  6. Mind Fog, Anxiety

    Wow! I have so many of those problems as well. it's amazing how many things gluten can do to your system. I feel so drunk sometimes and I never drink. I cant ever think of the right word and my thinking has become VERY slow and I was always an honor student. I get lightheaded and weak often and since I was little I've always had lots of nightmares, but really no reason to. depression and anxiety runs in my family and my senses are extremely oversensitive. It's encouraging to hear you are much better and your symptoms have really improved! congrats ! How long did it take for you to feel better and what foods do you eat now? Hope you have many more good days! jenn
  7. Is It Really Ibs?

    Born and raised in Portland, OR Currently living in Provo, UT Gluten-free since June 2006 Also living with Hypoglycemia since 1991 Dairy-free for good since summer 2008 Started IBS diet and probiotics at GI's recommendation - Fall 2008 Also avoiding: potatoes, beans, the crucifer family (broccoli, cabbage, etc), coconut milk I noticed that you and I have a lot of similarities. I have also been diagnoised with IBS and hypoglycemia, but no matter what Ive done it hasnt helped.. EXCEPT for eating almost no grain carbs. I also have problems with dairy. Im not sure about yogurt yet, though. Can you eat yogurt or do you avoid it too, and what do you replace your dairy with?? Im sorry for so many questions but it's wonderful to talk to someone who has experienced the same things and not a doctor Not consuming dairy and gluten seems to really help so far, but what DO you normally eat and why can't u eat poratoes or the crucifer family or coconut milk? I can understand beans cause I can almost never eat those without having major stomach & gas probs. How are you feeling these days? I think you said the diet is working well for you. I always am happy for those who can improve these AWEFUL symptoms. The worst is you cant just get away from food. You even have to eat 3-5 times a day! It's a never ending cycle you can't run away from. THanks Jenn
  8. Frustrated!

    Hey Nora. I have two questions. Firstly, I love mustand and bell peppers and eat them a lot. Do you know why you'd have a reaction to them?? Also, I was diagnoised with hypothyroid last year and also had borderline number. You said that the thyroxine first started to work well on a low-carb and gluten-free diet. I also realize I feel much better digestively on low-carb but I also feel very light headed and tired. Can you please give me an idea of how you did this diet? Any ideas will be SOOO appreciated. Thank u!! jenn
  9. Self Diagnosis

    Hey there. It's really wonderful that you have a positive change with the gluten-free diet! i was wondering what you mean by a strict gluten free diet. I am also trying to figure out if I have gluten problems or something else. I know my problem is dietary, but not completely sure what yet. I know I have a bad reaction to dairy and when I eat too much carbs. So, one step at a time, but I never know what I can eat and for how long i need to eat that way. My husband and I eat at friend's homes from the church and usually I eat before or bring my own food (which always makes our time together better!) but I always feel so bad bc I think I hurt their feelings They really try to cook for me, but I just cant eat it. Last time they made some kind of meatloaf I have no idea what was in it and steamed broccoli and barley w/ mushrooms and I got SOOOOOOO sick for like 2 whole days. sometimes it's longer so I was thankful for that. Im really desperate for a change. My life is so messed up I can barely live day by day w/o feeling sick, exhausted, irritable, ect. Maybe I can find help soon thank u! jenn
  10. Wow... that is exactly how I feel!! Except I also have lots of stomach/GI probs. I took the blood test one random day after not eating gluten for a little over a week and of course it came back negative. Then I had an edoscopy w/ colitis but the doc didnt see any reason to take a biospy and specifically check for celiac. She wont have anything to do with checking for celiac. It's kind of annoying if you ask me haha... Ive heard a lot of other people say (even 2 dear close friends of mine) that they never got the test done but took out gluten and it helped so they tell everyone they have celiac as well. As i see it, u might as well. Same symptoms when you get gluttened. One is more serious to your health but they both cause negative results, so, do whatever you need to to get people to listen to you and be willing to help! I have so much trouble with "recative hypoglycemia" whether or not that is what I really have and being so exhausted I feel like i got hit by a truck. Yesterday, for example, I did almost nothing all day and barely made the last hr of meeting with the church, and I dont ever miss that haha! Also, I get extremely dizzy, fuzzy, depressed, bloated, and LOTS of cravings for carbs (sweet, salty, and fat ones!) after I have some. This is very interesting. Does anyone else take magnesium? I take it for constipation, but I wonder if it helps with any other problems? I really am thankful to read everyone else's experiences. Jenn
  11. Gluten Challenge.

    Im not sure but ive heard something about gluten addiction or carb addiction. People say a lot of times we crave the things we are allergic or intolerant to, so, perhaps that is the case?? maybe your body is craving it and having a euphoric (sp?) moment before you feel like poop again. Hope this might help. Have a Grace filled day! Jenn
  12. Getting Diagnosed

    Hey Jessy. I was wondering how long you were back on gluten before you could take the blood test and what were your results?
  13. Wow. This is truely incredible. I never would have thought the two problems go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing. I have another question for ya though. How soon after you started the gluten free diet did you begin to feel improvement? and Did you get the gene test done? Man, physical problems are so lame and really disturb your day to day living, ya know? Im so happy for you that you are doing much better! Praise the Lord!
  14. Thanks so much for saying that! I thought I was going crazy. It's good to hear someone else has gone through the same problem.
  15. Hey fellow seekers I went off of gluten between 2 and 3 weeks and saw a little bit of change, but not a lot. I decided if I want to get the blood work done again I better be eating gluten (last time I hadnt been eating it for about a week when I did the test). So, about 4 days ago I ate my first gluten item (chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!) It was too tempting to pass up haha... I have an issue with dairy I think.. so im not sure if it was the gluten or the dairy but that whole night in the bed I felt so sick to my stomach!! Since that day I have had these HUGE FOOD CRAVINGS!!! Before I got off gluten this would happen quite frequently. I would eat a meal and still be hungry and eat more.. then it was like i was just craving all these things high in suger, carbs, and fat. When I went of gluten that never happened. Not even one time! I was weaker prob from less food and less calories but I never had the cravings. I had stopped soy, dairy, gluten, and nuts. Now I am allowing everything but dairy since that episode sunday night. This morning was a crazed food fest. I hate it! It feels like my body wont listen to my brain saying.. umm maybe u should stop now even if u do feel hungry still. has this happened to anyone else?!?! Could it be related to added back these things into my diet and an intolerance or allergy?!? PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much. jenn