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  1. Hi debmidge, thanks for the advice.. I shall mention it to him next visit. Thanks, bigscott Aye Yours.
  2. Hi cynicaltomorrow, I too have pain in lower left side that eminates through to my back area, although doctors cannot explain reason for it...the best explanation being the area of pain in the body is not always the source.. ie: it could be coming from somewhere else....strange I know but I'm not a doc. Aye Yours BS
  3. Thanks Deb, I'm still trying to take all of this in...up until 2 years ago I was the fittest guy on the planet and a soccer coach, although I coach twice weekly it takes an awful lot out of me and at times trying to explain to others what it feels like also takes it out of me...It just got to the stage I kept it to myself for fear of sounding like a whinge who was always complaining. I am glad now that I can focus and look forward to improve things and it has helped reading other peoples experiences. Thanks a lot, Aye Yours BS
  4. Hi folks, new on the forum but have been diagnosed with celiac disease, biopsy & blood tests. I have been gluten-free for about a week now and feel a very slight improvement although my consultant told me I have quite severe damage to stomach lining and surrounding areas...since going gluten free I have been experiencing some quite weird symptoms, forgetfulness, shaking right hand, cramp, sore neck & with helping my 10 yr old to do his school homework an inability to even do simple arithmetic....this was the worst feeling as I am very good at Maths. Has anyone came across this before. Thanks, bigscott Aye Yours. XX