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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. this was my first xmas dinner since being diagnosed 10 months ago. every Christmas before i got diagnosed i would have to lie down after dinner and would have horrible stabbing stomach pains for hours. i would feel like i had a stomach flu or food poisoning. i always blamed myself that i had over eaten, or that it was too much fat/sugar. my favorite food of the dinner was always bread stuffing, pie, and other cookies as well as the massive morning cinnamon buns. last year i even spent the whole day after vomiting. but this year my gluten free Christmas dinner was amazing and i felt full but not at all sick afterwards. my mom got diagnosed with celiac this year too so we made a sausage, mushroom, cranberry, rice stuffing, use rice flour in the gravy and my mom made gluten free brownies with chocolate sauce, raspberries and whipped cream for dessert (definatley a hit!) we also had a boiled red cabbage dish, mashed carrot and turnip, asparagus and mashed potatoes which are all normally gluten free. we also had to do most things dairy free because of my nephew's dairy allergy. my future mother in law also made plenty of gluten free things for me to eat for brunch, eggs and turkey and a turnip and cheese casserole. anyway i feel really blessed that everyone in my family, and my boyfriend's family have been so great, and also that i will never have to spend the day after Christmas curled up in bed all day. anyway just wanted to share and i hope you all had a pain free and happy christmas!
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Broken Foot/bone Density Test

    whoops i meant to post this under the original topic. from my spelling errors its pretty obvious that im on massive ammounts of pain killers at the moment.
  4. Broken Foot/bone Density Test

    thanks for your responses everyone. i had surgery yesterday and feel fantastic. the broken bone was pressing on the nerves on the bottom of my foot so it was extreemly painful. thankfully i have a wonderful boyfriend who is taking good care of me. he even rented me a wheel chair and we were staying with my mom who is all on lone level with no stairs. not too many guys would willingly stay in their future mother in laws cxramped apartment for 4 weeks! i was worried the bone density test would be painful so im glad it wont be.
  5. hey all, im 26 and i fell down the stairs yesterday and fractured my metatarsal bone pretty severly. i have to have surgery tomorrow. i've never had a broken bone in my entire life but now im freaked out about osteoperosis etc related to celiac. my orthopedic surgeon said to get a bone density test. wht does a bone density test entail exactly? im pretty bummed about it. 4 weeks couch bound in the best part of summer does not sound fun.
  6. Oddest Reaction To Gluten?

    i always look at the clock at 10:08, i really dont think it has anything to do with gluten though. i know a lot of people that look at the clock at the same time every day and they arent celiac.
  7. hey all, i'm insulin resistant due to having poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and need to watch eating high glycemic foods (ie rice). i was wondering if anyone had a bread recipe using mostly bean flour or other high protien/high fiber recipes? i have a bread maker as well so if its a bread machine recipe that would be good. Thanks.
  8. Drinking With Celiac Disease

    ive had Rye, hard cider and wine without issue, although only one or two drinks, never enough to get trashed.
  9. Frusterated With My Boyfriend

    im not making excuses for him. when i originally posted i was upset and wasnt looking at the situation clearly. now that im not upset i see that hes really trying and this is totally overwhelming for both of us.
  10. Green Tea Fast

    it sounds like a cash-grab to me.
  11. "sick" Of Being "sick"

    you can get gluten free soy sauce! look for "tamari" and then check the ingredients. i cant remember the brand i use. anyway it tastes exactly the same and you can still enjoy one of your favourite seasonings.
  12. Surprise Benefits Of Going gluten-free

    weird... my mom, brother and i all have those and our doctor said there was nothing that could be done and it was just something people have. my mom and brother are awating their celiac test results. i hope mine go away! i hate those!
  13. Frusterated With My Boyfriend

    he really is trying. although i got diagnosed a month ago its only been maybe 2 weeks since i found out about cross contamination/gluten kissing etc. he reappy is trying and i dont feel upset about it at all anymore. i was just frusterated that night and feeling sad about everything.
  14. Frusterated With My Boyfriend

    i dont mean to make it sound like he isnt making any effort. he is, and eats gluten free meals in the house so we can eat the same thing. he went out and bought me a new toaster and cuttingbords and is good at keeping things seperate in the kitchen. In june my local celiac association is having a meeting for newly diagnosed people and hes going to come with me. hopefully hearing information from "experts" will help him understand. i dont feel like i can "lay down the law" and declare our house gluten free and make all these rules that arent necessary at this point. hes generally not a big kisser anyway, so maybe he dosnt see what the big deal is. i dont know. bottom line is we need to talk about it.
  15. Frusterated With My Boyfriend

    to be fair i only got diagnosed about a month ago. this is new for both of us.