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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Why Does This Happen?

    Okay I was wondering the same thing. We have been doing a LOT of renovations on our house and so dinner has not been something I wanted to cook. I ate at Hardee's and had their Big Chicken Sandwich fully expecting to get really sick. To my shock I didn't. The next day still nothing so I didn't even get a delayed reaction to my gluten. So the next day I tried it again. Nothing. I was really getting confused so I tried it a third day in a row and boom! Pain and symptoms. So I think it has to do with the fact I have followed a gluten free diet to a T for over a year now. So I guess my body healed up enough to be able to handle an occasional gluten eating. I have since tried it off and on a few weeks now and if I just surround the meal with days of eating gluten free and just for one meal, if it is for dinner, I seem to be able to tolerate the gluten. However, I still worry because I hear gluten intolerance or sensitivity can lead to full blown celiac disease which I do no have yet. I do know I am MUCH better when I follow a gluten free diet, but I am still confused as to why I can have gluten every so often. Strange!
  2. Does anyone know of any brands of gluten free white cornmeal? I saw a recipe from this site using Martha White white cornmeal but is that really gluten free? Does anyone know. I hear you have to worry about cross contamination. HELP! I need it for Thanksgiving on Thursday! Thanks in advance, --Mandi--
  3. Okay I got my biopsy results. Didn't get to talk to the doctor just the nurse. She said it isn't celiac and the doctor is positive I have IBS surprise surprise. So now I am still on the journey to find out what this really is. I do know that my biopsy was normal though so that was good at least. I got these pills for IBS and am very hesitant to take them even if they will make me feel better. First it looks like they will just make me sleepy. It has something in it to decrease anxiety. And he wants me to take 4 times a day. It says the brand name drug is Librax. Anyone know anything about this drug? It says it can be addictive and I may have withdrawal symptoms if I stop taking it. That was the part that worried me the most about it. Any thoughts? What should I do from here? The doctor evidently doesn't want to test me for anything else. I got to the office next month and plan on giving him an earful of what I really think of IBS and his diagnosis. I know it isn't celiac but I also know it is something. Not a made up diagnosis they just made to categorize people with that they can't figure it out and just want them to shut up.
  4. I know, but I guess I am a type of person that I have to have a diagnosis. That and my husband doesn't see a point in doing the special diet and all the prep stuff and special conditions unless I absolutely have it. However, from researching there is no real test to find out if you are gluten intolerant of gluten sensitive besides changing your diet and seeing if there is a difference, is that correct? Still no news from the doctor today, but I called this afternoon. I just got the old let me take your name and number and the nurse will call you back. No call back thought, surprise surprise.
  5. That is a good question to ask. However if this doctor is like my other doctor he will just say we don't know why or stress. Here take some fiber everyday and take some immodium when you get the diarrhea. GEEZ!!! The last time I did that within a few months my appendix swelled up and I had to get it removed. This is what is bugging me is I feel like all the stuff I have been through have all been related. I had stomach issues when I was about 11 or 12 and they never figured out what it was, but it went away. I woke up when I was teenager in severe pain in my abdomen and it was because I was constipated. Then After my first kid these typical symptoms started occuring severe cramping that lasts for a few hours only ending with diarrhea. I finally go to the doctor and they say it is IBS take fiber once a day and immodium when you have the cramping. A few months later I get my appendix taken out. Then I just figured I am just going to have to deal with this on my own since the doctor's won't help me. So during my second pregnancy I start having pains in my chest and upper back. Finally, after several doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, I went to the ER. By the time they saw me, I was completely jaundice. I had a large gall stone that swelled my duct up huge which blocked everything and caused my liver to be enlarged, and for me to get pacreatitis. I got an ERCP to remove the stones and sludge. Then I got the gall bladder removed along with a liver biopsy. I eventually got released from the hospital a week later. Again still having the same issues. Finally one night my brother called me up and asked me a TON of questions about the symptoms I have been having and we were having the same issues. He told me he was going to this GI doctor and I just thought here we go again. Well this doctor found out he has celiac. I did research on celiac. Heck though all of this I have done research on all these disorders and the only one that makes sense is celiac. So yeah I demanded an edoscopy be done since my blood work got ruled out as negative on a technicality. One lab would have diagnosed me as celiac which was the lab that did the blood draw but the nearby hopsital would have called me normal. Well I have done research online and everything I am hearing would diagnose me as celiac. So all I have to say is heaven help this doctor if he says well it is IBS because I'm not buying it. From my research IBS does not wake you up from sleep. This has on a few occasions. And IBS doesn't get worse. This has. So how can it be IBS? I am very eager to hear the results of my biopsy tomorrow. I will be ready with plenty of questions for the nurse if she dare says well it must be IBS.
  6. Really?! That is so funny. I'm glad to know I am not the only one who thinks that is a crappy diagnosis. No pun intended.
  7. Really?! That is so funny. I'm glad to know I am not the only one who thinks that is a crappy diagnosis.
  8. Okay I went to the doctor, did the awful prep for my colonoscopy. I love how they kept the doctor away from me. I didn't even see him til I went to the procedure room. However, that didn't stop me. I got to talking to the nurse. She agreed that I needed to get an endoscopy done especially since my blood work was inconclusive and my brother has celiac disease. Well, she went to ask the charge nurse if this was okay and they went over my blood work right there in front of me. I found out what inconclusive meant to the doctor. I got my blood drawn from a lab who according to them I have celiac disease. However another hospital in our area has a higher standard of diagnosing me. So if I had gone to that hospital and got tested it would have come back negative and all because of one little number. My antigladin was 11. According to the lab that did it 10 and below is normal. 11 is celiac disease. But Memorial hospital 11 would be normal and 12 would be celiac disease. Are you serious?! They aren't diagnosing me on a technicality?! That's insane! So needless to say I got my endoscopy done. I should know by Monday my results. Hopefully there won't be another technicality. I'm sick of this. Oh and by the way my colonoscopy was normal. No inflamation no signs of colitis. So if my biopsy is normal they will diagnose me IBS. Is it just me, or do you feel that IBS is just something the doctor's label you as when they don't know what else to diagnose you as? I am so glad I had a good nurse that listened to me. Otherwise I would have been so annoyed right now. Thanks to all of you for the advice to demand the endoscopy. Otherwise I wouldn't have know what to do. Much love!
  9. What Should I Have Said Differently?

    I understand this. My brother has celiac disease and this thanksgiving was his first gluten free Thanskgiving. I wanted to be helpful so I made it completely gluten free. However that meant we had purplish pink dressing with our turkey. Well I modified EVERYTHING to make it gluten free. I even had some non gluten free food that I keep separate to prevent cross contamination. All my family would do is complain about it and be rude and make snide comments. I'll admit the dressing looked different but it all tasted great to me. Well my mom informed me that next year we will be doing a gluten Thanksgiving. I am so frustrated. Why does my brother have to be an outsider just because he has this illness? I think we should be accommodating and I know he loves the fact I am this way for him. And it is worth all the research and trouble to see him happy. Wish others felt the same way though. I mean people are accommodating for those with peanut allergies but just because someone with a gluten allergy doesn't have trouble breathing and could die, it is seen as a non issue. That soooo needs to change.
  10. Interesting. Mine was a blood test though. So I am still confused as to why the doctor isn't pursuing this part further. I guess just to rule out colitis too. I don't know. I just know when I go in for my colonoscopy I am going to ask for an endoscopy too and a biopsy of my small intestine to see I guess. I just want some relief but don't want to go gluten free for no reason.
  11. I got my gastro doctor to call back with my results for the Anti glad. test and they said it was inconclusive. They said a normal person has 10 or less and I had 11. So that wasn't high enough to consider me as having celiac disease. So what could it mean then? I've been trying to research stuff but not having much luck. I have had symptoms for 8 years. My doctor wants to do a colonoscopy. Can he diagnose me this way?