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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Its funny that you mention that because I just decided the other day that I was going to make my own file of every test I have had. Keep it all in a file from all the doctors and specialists. Not that I know what I am looking at but maybe if I take them all with me to every new doc I see. someone will see something that was overlooked? I hear about this alot actually.. so yes. I most likely will be doing this.
  3. I very much understand your concerns. For me . Celiac is pretty much my final attempt to really find out what is wrong with me. I have been to probably about 7 different types of specialists and a trillion doctors , I have had many many many viles of blood taken for pretty much every test in the book, I have gone through MRIs, CT scans, EKGs, EEGs, you name it I have most likely had it and everytime I get dissapointed usually to tears. Appearently according to all these tests.. I am the picture of perfect health. So I know how dissapointing that is and to be honest I am so used to it now that when my gastro tells me everything came back normal again for the tests for celiac. I will just feel numb. That is all I feel now is numb. I used to be upset and dissapointed and mad.. now ..I dont even know how to describe it. However atleast I am not alone here. Good luck to you.. let us know when you find out what happens. Take care.
  4. Thank you. I just called the gastro specialists office I went to this last summer for the endoscopy. They confirmed that no blood work was taken for celiac nor was any biopsies taken of the small intestine only of the polyps and the esaphagus. I rescheduled with a new doctor since my doc ended up retiring the DAY of my endoscopy. I went to a ANRP nurse after the endoscopy to talk about the EGD. I was only dissapointed she told me everything was ok and looked fine and that I just have IBS and to take Amatiza for constipation with a probiotic called Align. That was last year. Nothing has helped that she gave me. So I called today and told them I really didnt want to see her again. lol. So I am to see a new gastro that is taking over my other docs patients. I hope that he listens to me. My appt is in two weeks. Yes I do have epilepsy. It does run in my family. However I feel that my grandmother was celiac too just never diagnosed. She in her last 5 years of life had developed epilepsy out of no where. She would have these bouts of confusion followed by violent vomitting. Which docs said were a form of seizure which I am sure they were right but I remember taking care of her and noticing her stomach ALWAYS looked distended. She was diagnosed with cancer however so no doctor would look into anything further. Everything was always "a result of the cancer" they never even gave her anti seizure meds so every month like clock work she would be hospitalized due to siezures. They did .. nothing for her. She ended up passing away from phnuemonia because she aspirated her own vomit. Doctors really make me angry sometimes.
  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words and words of hope! It is very encouraging. I know that I won't give up on myself but pretty much if its NOT celiac. I am going to try to jus live my life the best I can. As hard as that is. I have spent the past 3 years trying to self diagnose myself. Looking into celiac.. everything makes sense. I began getting sick as a baby, I would have raised rashes all over my body and vomit, I was rushed to ER several times I guess, only to be given a steriod and told I had some sort of allergy but it was never looked into by my parents because it seemed to go away as I got older. However I was always sick.. always tired as a child. Never healthy, have had a compromised immune system. Always was very small as a child and had slow growth and could never gain weight. Then there was the depression and anxiety. So I have also been seen by many different counselors and taken all kinds of antidepressants. I have had MRIs, CT scans, Gastric emptying scan, EKG, EEGs, ultrasounds, get bloodwork drawn for random reasons every dr visit so like once every couple months, tested for lupus, RA, stool samples for parasites, bloodwork for anemia and hyperthyriodism due to very large lymphnodes in neck.... everything...all of this- negative. So yes.. I feel so crazy sometimes. I sometimes will sit quietly and wonder if it IS indeed in my head?!!but I feel genuinely sick... all the time. I know too that I don't need a diagnosis to change my diet but in a way I do. I miss alot of work due to this stuff and in order to help me through FMLA. I need diagnosis in writting so I dont lose my job due to my health. Right now its for my mild epilepsy and IBS. I would give anything just to KNOW finally.
  6. Sooo as I am reading I may possibly need a biopsy. Well I will say I am not excited about this at all. Not one bit. Reasons being. I had my second endoscopy this last summer. They found polyps in my stomach so they took a few boipsies of those during the endoscopy. This would have been fine and dandy if I wouldn't have WOKE UP in the middle of this. So therefore I am now super traumatized. I woke up during the biopsy. I remember feeling pretty much everything.. hearing everything yet I couldn't open my eyes. I still have issues from this as I can remember feeling the tube going from my throat all the way down to my stomach area. My throat would constrict on it making it hard for me to breathe and I remember gagging pretty horribly my whole body was heaving. I remember the nurses and doctor tell me to "Breathe Kristin.. We need to you to breath.. " then I heard them scrabbling to put more of the junk in my IV. After that I did fall asleep again but.. man I cant get that whole thing out of my head. Even now just typing that out it gives me anxiety. What was worse is I remember being in a shared recovery room with like 5 other people and the nurses would ask them if they recalled anything that had happened.. each person said no. They never asked me!!!!! geez I may seriously need to go see a counselor about this now!! anyways I don't want to scare anyone. My first endoscopy, was super I remember nothing about it at all. maybe I wont need get another one.. i hope.
  7. Thanks I may look into other clinics and such for the NDs.. Thank you also for the list! I am seeing my .. 4th Gastro in Seattle here in a few weeks. Hopefully I can get that antibody test. Who knows. Like every other blood test I seem to get it will most likely be negative. I am used to it!! Thanks again for your help and responding... I have horrible insomnia right now.. even though I spent the entire DAY in a larthargic fuzz.. now I can't sleep at all. Its all so very frustrating.
  8. Thank you for the response and help. To be honest with you I am not super firmiliar of what and where gluten is and where it can be found. I know I see more and more gluten free products in the grocery store. I like the ND's but they get kind of spendy. Since I do have insurance that covers NDs however I have to pay out of pocket first and wait for a refund from my insurance company and ends up being a real pain in the you know what! but yes I do like the Naturopath Doctors better. I am so tired of having so many chemicals and meds in my system. Holy.. I have had soo much blood taken for random things that I honestly don't know at this point exactly WHAT they were all for!! all I know is I always get a letter in the mail a week later stating all came back negative for.. whatever it was they tested it for. I know they did a blood test for H pylori and such once or twice. Thats all I know and remember. They did not do a blood test though at the endoscopy center.
  9. Hello All.. I am a 28 yr old female that has had health issues .. well forever. To be honest with all of you this is pretty much my last attempt to try to figure out what is wrong with me. I have gone from researching all sorts of ailements and joining all sorts of health forums from IBS, to Lyme Disease and even MS. After massive testing and what feels like a trillion specialists and doctors.. "nothing is wrong with me" Every test comes back normal. Everything is fine.. its in my head .. or I have "Chronic Fatigue syndrome" something of that sort. I don't know. I am really honestly at my last straw and wits end. So I thought.. what the heck. So here I am. Who knows if anything will come out of this either but its not like I haven't been dissapointed a trillion times before So just like alll the other times I am sure I can handle it. *sigh* My problems really started at age 13. I was diagnosed as being "anorexic" because I stopped eating. However I stopped eating because everytime I did eat I either got horrible diarreah or nausea or both. So I just stop eating all together. That is how bad it got. I lost tons of wieght obviously and Doctors said it was for attention and that I was depressed so.. Thats when the Depression and anxiety with IBS and GERD label was put on me and forever the reason for every health problem there after was the result of it according to all doctors. *shrug* *rolls eyes* whatever... So I go on like this until early twenties. Then I started having the motility issues with swallowing and such even neuro problems and dizziness. So I have seen Allergy specialists, Nuerologists, Three different Gastros, ENT docs... the list is endless. I appearently AM THE PICTURE of PERFECT HEALTH.. but why don't I feel like it???? I get nausiated within an hour of eating and it lasts for hours. This happens atleast twice a week or more. I am sure it depends on what I eat, However I do not keep track if I eat glutens or not.. but I don't eat fast or fried foods. I also try to stay away from sodas so I actually try to eat pretty healthy but my gut doesnt feel this way. I went like 10 years with constant diarreah and now for like the past year I am constapitated and bloated.. ALWAYS. Doesnt matter what I take and If I take a laxative even the gentle kind I cant get a consistancy.. because then I get cramps in my intestines and the loose stools. I am bloated to the point of where I look 3 or 4 months pregnant after I eat. The IBS meds don't help either. I tried them. I get also in the past few years a random rash all over my face, neck, back and arms.. and it will spread to my legs last. I get that usually once a month and will last from an hour to a few days. I have horrible brain fog and tingling sinsations in my back, gums and fingers. Honestly there is more symptoms but.. those are the main ones. I also was diagnosed with mild epilepsy this past year. I had two endoscopy's done. One at 17 years old and one 10 years later at 27 so just last summer. nothing found besides a few polyps in my stomach caused by the prilosec I have taken for so many years. They said "everything looks fine" They took biopsies of the polyps but not of my small intestine because they said it "looked fine" my question is too I guess, is the damaged villi always veiwable by just looking at it? or could there be problems still with it looking "normal?" So basically every night and Day after I eat I have to sit up hunched over for a few hours before doing anything or sleeping because I am so uncomfortable inside that I can't even explain it. I have tried over and over to explain how it feels to the Gastro's but they look at me like I am crazy. Just tell me all my tests look normal so take "laxatives and probiotics" for the IBS.... UGHHHH... they don't work. Sorry this turned into a story of me feeling sorry for myself to.. basically a rant. However.. regardless thank you for listening.