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  1. Hi everybody: I am going to Fall River, MA for one month and I need to find locations to buy gluten-free products. I found a supermarket online called Shaw's, does anybody know if they sell these products? Thanks, Nestor
  2. I just found out that I may have celiac disease, and a confirmation is pending. I started a gluten-free diet four days ago and since then I am feeling so bad. The fatigue that I have for years is a lot worse, I got headaches, and want to eat all the time. I feel dizzy and foggy. The good thing is that my heart was skipping beats very frequently before the diet, but as soon as I started gluten-free my heart has improved. Also I do not get too much gas as before. Has anybody experienced these symptoms? I found that doctors are totally lost about this topic. Thank you for your comments. Nestor