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  1. yeah! peanut butter! i couldnt handle peanut butter AT ALL. turns out, it was because I was feeding the yeast in my intestine. get it checked:) you dont lose anything!
  2. hey! i have a similar story. did you get tested for celiac? because, I also was really intolerant to gluten but I didnt get a reaction every time, and I seemed intolerant to other foods also which would bring back symptoms sometimes. My blood work had been negative for celiac, although my levels of IgG were very elevated. turns out, im gluten intolerant temporarily because my doctors found out I have candida. you should maybe check it out....
  3. WOW what a great recipe. I went out and bought all the ingredients. This was my first time baking gluten-free hence i didn't have anything at home:( My first attempt was not bad: too much flour, too chocolaty taste. and i forgot to put the salt ahaha Second attempt: wayyyy to dry! Third attempt (today)! OMG I almost went another one. It was SOOO good!!! I lessened the flour and the coco, and I only put 1 tsp of flaxseed. and in the microwave for 1min20sec. I ate it with olive oil and feta. with tomato on the side. SO GOOD. thanks for the recipe.
  4. Activia contains gluten!!! Be careful! This is how I got glutened for the first time after going gluten-free and it took me a week to get over my symptoms.
  5. my symptoms usually start within 15 minutes of eating something containing gluten. I get different symptoms every time. For example, the activia yogurt (yea, i didn't know it contained wheat in the natural flavors) made me look 6 months pregnant within 15 minutes and I got very dizzy and tired and cold. The next day I get diarrhea and the bloating/inflammation only subsides completely after 3-4 days. Also every food I eat during those 4 days doesn't go down quite well. When I used to eat bread, I would get a headache within 15 minutes. Then dizziness, shivering, heavy feeling head, i fall asleep and when I wake up, I start bloating. The next few days is the bloating (again 3-4 days), gas etc.
  6. hahaha! you are SO right! the more I eat peanut butter, the more I believe I can't tolerate peanuts either. I stopped eating peanut butter today for a try...and magically symptoms diminished by 50%. hmmm thanks for the info. ill check on the hummus also! I know Im fine with eggs:) thanks so much again.
  7. Same here. Ive only been gluten free for two weeks and while the first week went super well now im having some permanent bloating and C issues. I have to been diagnosed through blood tests just by myself. This morning it occured to me i might not be glhten intolerant but intolerant to something else. So i went and ate toast. Big mistake. I bloated more. Got dizzy fell asleep and couldnt get back up because i couldnt feel my head. And now i feel so depressed i dont know whats causing all the remaining symptoms when i dont eat gluten. I believe in my case it may be all grains and peanuts because i seem to react to rice, potatos and peanut butter. Now will this be forever or just until my gut heals. Argh this is soo hard:(
  8. Hey everyone! So this is week 2 of gluten free for me and while the beginning was super good, this second week is not that good. Im supposing maybe other food intolerances or maybe its not gluten. I was so confused this mornining that i ate a slice of toast to make sure its really gluten (my blood tests were boderline posituve negative after being gluten light for about 2 weeks). Well now i have a migraine, i was so dizzy i had to go sleep and i bloated for a good 2 hours. So gluten IS an issue for sure. Can there be another intolerance like peanut butter (ive been eating a lot of it lately) or is it just my body healing??? Should i do the scd or just continue gluten free and wait 6 weeks? Im depressed:(
  9. ugh im starting to think i cant eat anything anymore:( im gettting more and more scared of nightshades. had a tomato and slightly bloated. (not a bad glutening reactiong though. just slight bloat) soon i wont be able to eat anything anymore.
  10. Thank you for the responses! To answer a few questions...I'm taking magnesium, iron, and probiotics. I also take the the non-flavor no sugar added metamucil for fiber. All that seems to be working out quite well... And as for the pans, the chicken, potato (awesome!!!) dinner was made in the oven. The pan is quite new, no scratches in it, but you are right, I'm sure there had been pasta in there before. But then again, isn't the dishwasher hot water and soap enough to wash everything away? As for the 2 past days, I went back to eating many fruits, veggies (including beans which didnt affect me), cottage cheese, eggs, tuna and chicken breast spread throughout the day and im feeling SO much better. It seems like my body is taking a lot of time to process the food also because I'm not even hungry enough to eat a full plate in one sitting. I'll continue like this I guess...hoping I'll feel better one day.
  11. well! i was also worried about gaining weight. But I am not the classic celiac that loses weight. In fact I wouldnt lose weight at all when I was eating gluten. And when I did cut out gluten, the scale moved. Yep, its only been a week and I already lost 2 pounds. Maybe its bloating, or water retention....but its a relief after 1yr of nothing and weight gain.
  12. Hello everyone! So I am a self-diagnosed Celiac. I did go for blood-tests but i was gluten-light for at least 2 weeks and hadn't eaten gluten for 4 days before the test. They came out borderline between negative and positive, but my doctor diagnosed me anyways because the gluten-free diet made MAJOR positive changes to my life within just a few days. And i refuse to start eating gluten again just to do the biopsy. I have the worse symptoms and I dont want to start sleeping 16 hours per day, with abdominal pain, dizinness etc. So I went gluten-free one week ago and the first days I was eating many times a day but little every time. Carrots, hummus, fruits, other veggies, a bit of tuna, hard-boiled eggs. And by day 4 I was feeling MUCH better and my stomach was super flat again, no pain and I wasn't napping in the afternoon anymore (although I still feel a bit tired). On that day 4 I had activia yoghurt thinking it was gluten free, but gluten was hidden in the natural flavors. I was very mad and my symptoms started after 15minutes of eating a tablespoon. My day 5 went pretty well also, my tummy was a bit bloated probably due to the inflamation from the yoghurt but i survived. Now my problem is that this weekend (day 6 and 7) I had small little things throughout the day but a slightly bigger supper with baked potato and rice and chicken breast. I didnt get glutened (because the symptoms werent that bad) but i still feel some pain in my tummy and it is a bit swollen (the meal I ate wasnt big enough to make me bloat, but it was more than usual). Is this normal? Can I be sensitive to every food in the beginning of this diet? SHould I be worried:S...I just need reassuring... Maybe I should just continue eating simple fruits veggies for a good 6 weeks and then introduce heavier things?? -katerina
  13. I agree also! I have been gluten-free for only one week and everything I eat makes my small bowel bloat and my tummy swells no matter what I eat. Of course not as much as when I get glutened, but I'm sure it's normal, considering its probably super irritated down there. I will be patient for another good 3 months to see if Im on the road of recovery. And Ive also realised that potatos, rice, corn, and sulfites (my balsamic vinegar has) are very hard on my track right now. Ive decided to stick to fruits, veggies, eggs, peanut butter and hummus for the beginning.