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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Health Depends On It

    thank's to all for you'r answers , your right I am an enabler , I have allowed this man to control every thing about my life , I have to practice for hours , how to word a question , that may contain only a few words before presenting it to him , what I say might set him off tipicale case of he say's jump , I have to say how high , I'm alone with this man and have know one and I mean know one to talk to , his church family only know that I am sick ,confined to my home for the past couple of yrs, no one from his church has ever called me or met me but I know how he presents him self a gentel man, thoughtfull , generous , kind, , would you belive that people go to him for healing they say he has the gift of healing that's what he tell's me when he's on a rant at me ( that visious pit bull ) because its my fault that I'm sick "you ate that gluten all your life you made your self sick ". when he calls me from work its not for me, although if you where to over hear his one sided conversation you to would say as his co'workers say what a loving careing husband he is honey driping from his mouth this situation will not change not at my age , I have only now learned to use the computer ( took me nearly 6 months to figure out how to make reply here) and have now found a voice please know its not sympathy I want but help w/ my celiac disease , I just need somone to know how I live w/ this man and this disease and here's a nugget about how bad this disease can get , if you think about having just a little bit of gluten think again , if I was given the choice celiac disease or my husband as mean , visous, hatefull and crule as he can be I would chose him over the celiac disease he leaves, celiac disease is for life I hope it's ok for me to say this
  2. My Health Depends On It

    thank's to all , I have been very sick the last week but a lot has happend , I showed my husband all your very wise answers ,I would never, ever say thing's like that to him, then I held on for dear life , and true to form the pit bull came to visit for an hour or so , snaping ,snarling posturing dripping at the mouth saying " you lied to thoes people " on and on no point saying anything (not even know that's the truth ) makes matters worse and prolong's the visit, very stresfull time . 2 days later a mirical happend , out of no where he said to me " I do a lot of fasting so I wont miss the bread " and the next day the toaster was gone and not a word about it since then . yestarday I got the blood test's back ,they tested 200 food's, 59 I 'm alerigic to, veg's , soy ,fruite's ,lentil's , nuts ect ,thee'se are the thing's I eat when I can eat , what I have been living on , or depending on how you look at it been dying on, and very high marks , no suprise on wheat , oats , gluten ( is this separate, it has its own # 3 ) yeast and flaxseed,I started to say to the Dr so that means I still have gluten, and my husband said yes well, I new better to leave it alone , but I hoped he got the message not another word , well on the way home we stopped for a few grocery,s fresh fish (CC) suffering very bad to day and fried cheese sticks I asked if he was going to eat them he said yes why, started to say CC in the car he put them in the back seat and when we got home he ate them . greatfull for the mighty steps foward the toaster is gone and there is no bread in the trailer , and one can always hope
  3. My Health Depends On It

    I dont think that I have a rare type of celiac disease and I do feel better since I went compleaty gluten-free, if I did a scale 10 being the worst before going gluten-free and now the scale would be a 7 I just had blood test's done 5/11 still waiting the results , I dont think my other half will ever get it ,I guess I'm looking for ways to just cope thanks for answering, knowing someone took the time for me is priceless
  4. My Health Depends On It

    thank you for answering , I was diagnosed as a baby 65 yrs ago w/ celiac , spent the first 3yrs of life in hospital w/ celiac disease ,heard about celiac disease all my life but did not hear the word gluten till I had the biopsi the day I was told about gluten I went home and got rid of every thing in my home that had any conection w/ wheat , barley , oats & rye my whole kitchen was scrubed and 2 sets of everything needed to run a kitchen was replaced . I do all the cooking in the home for my husband and me , he has tried gluten-free bread I have made in the machine also cookies store bought but as he says they just dont do it for him , he cooks his own pancakes (bisouick) and as I said before toast , sandwiches , buttered bread , cookies & cake , I guess my quetion is still the same being in this small space ( I dont go to the supermarket any more because of the bakery would come home so sick )is it possiable that my home is just a total CC lab, he will not wash his hands after eating his goodies and I am to sick and tired trying to keep up am I fighting a loseing battle thanks
  5. my husband tell's me that I over react to CC , what do you think . I have been gluten-free a littel over 2 yrs after having lived w/ celiac disease for 65 yrs , really really sick @ time of diagnoses I got right w/ the program but continue to be sick to this day dr's say after all thoes yrs the damage is done and the only thing to do is maintain a strick gluten-free diet and I do so heres what I think is also making me stay sick We live in a trailer so really not much room to do anything I have a spot on the table where I keep my silverware , 2 small pots ,frying pan and a small dishpan to wash my dishes in , I cover this little bundel w/ a towel . I wash all other dishes in the sink . I have the top shelf of the fridge for gluten-free item's and a small cupboard for gluten-free dry goods I am constantly cleaning the kitchen . I have explaned to my husband the need to use plate , papertowles or napkin when he butters his toast he says no need and brushes his crumbs on to his hand and dumps them in the basket . no hand washing ( to remind him is to be a nag ) my husband does not eat gluten-free only, and eats 3 / 4 slices of butterd bread w/ his meal so sitting 2 arm's lenghts away from me he eats his bread 's cakes ect w/out the use of a napkin somtimes w/out a plate , he has a full beard and after he eats he sit's running his fingers through this beard shaking out the crumbs , to say anything is again to be told I'm obsessing so I have to bite my tounge last night was the straw that nearly broke the camel's back ( me the camel ) I had made some chicken stew , using all gluten-free utensil's ,he searves him-self a plate I ask what did you serve that with he says a spoon out of the drawer WHY he says, why , why do you think I keep all thee'se thing's separeated , he say's I dont know , it does not help , its all in your head . I exploded " you just dont get it do you" no he say's" you dont get it all the things you do, does not help, your sick because the damage is allready done ( yet if you where to hear him tell the Drs how carefull I am super carefull ) I beleve he's CC me , he say's he's not, if I'm wrong I'll say sorry till the cows come home any input would help, cheers
  6. Sore Gut

    I wish I had some advice but I have the same thing and looking for answers , it FEELS LIKE I'VE SWALLOWED A WHOLE WATERMELON and it wont go down this can come from drinking a few sips of water or eating a few bites of a small potato I dont eat much of anything anymore and for sure there is nothing gluten in what I do eat , but I am still so sick do you think age has a hand in it , was diagnosed 67 yrs ago with celiac disease but did not find out about the gluten part till 2006 after living all thoes with DH on my face ( dr's telling me I had herpies simplex virus) skin specialist took a diopsy it turned out to be DH , then it all fell into place , I would be a very rich woman if all thoes dr's that took my money and looked me in the eye and said you know it may all be in your head gave me back that money (sorry that was a dum thing to say ) it has been been a long battle , but at least now the days are not all bad and I hear words of hope here that it does get better , my dr's theory is there's nothinghe can do for me all thoes years of eating gluten have done the damage that was 3 yrs ago so sorry for venting but it felt good magpie
  7. Need Help

    does anyone have trouble with there voice when thy get CC . mine gets so weak it's an effort to talk and it hurts not a sore throat but feels like I have a very , yery deep cold . anyone have the same symptons or know what might help . thanks
  8. I think this is worth repeting , the meat counter is not safe , if the meat is cut up instore the chances of it being CC is very , very possiable , we really need to question everything we put in our mouth , we dont have to learn the hard way and its not just the meat counter but also the seafood counter sorry
  9. Warned

  10. Warned

    what does it mean under my profile warned 0% w/ 4 little green bar's I looked at a few other profiles and did not see this have I done somthing wrong
  11. Where Does Gluten Hide

    sounds like you and I are paddling the same boat , for about the same amount of time, I dont know the answer but maby thee'se few things will help I hope so . I thought that all red meat was safe it's not per wegmans a few weeks ago , if any meat products are cut up instore they have been CC this includes cut up chicken , pork , turkey ect, ect , so ask your meat dept about there good's , it really is about starting from scratch if anyone isl living in your home that is eating gluten you do need to have all your own gluten-free pot's , silverware , toaster , you know the list and check out everything , gluten can hide in the toothpaste , shampoo , meds , again ect , ect and you need to ask your-self if going out to eat is worth the break out , it does not matter that you are eating gluten-free at the resturant it's the bloody resturant thats one big break out waiting to happenpardon me lol but really next time your in a resturant just watch , from the cleaning of the table your sitting at to the person that is serving your meal they are not washing there hand's after everything they touch , and thats just what you can see , it's just not worth it to me ,thats just my oppion . but any way I hope this helps even a little cheers