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  1. I had not had any sinus infections in about three years, (diagnosed about 3 yrs. ago with Celiac) but this winter I've had 4. (#5 is brewing right now) I had some periodontist surgery & it was recommended I switch to Sensodyne tooth paste. I did this about four or five months ago. On & off the inside of my mouth has been shredding, long strands of skin keep pealing off my checks. I kept wondering if it could be that Sensodyne has gluten, but I never remembered to check, until today. Yes, it has gluten, yes, it is the cause of my mouth shredding, but is it the cause of the sinus infections? Also, why am I not having my typical Celiac reaction to the gluten, abdominal pain and the frequent bathroom visits? I so want to find out I'm not really Celiac, does this cause a question on my diagnosis or confirm it? Anyone else often feel like maybe it's all a mistake & maybe you have a lesser allergy, like just to wheat?