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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Diagnosis = Refractory Sprue

    I really appreciate your post. So nice to know that I'm not alone. Monday is the breath test. I am most afraid of having my diet be even more restricted. How do I eat, what do I eat, when do I eat. My most important job is to take care of my family - and that includes feeding my family. I can't expect my children to go dairy free! We live in the Mid-West - it's not easy to keep the gluten off the table for my spouse either! I am careful - I don't eat gluten, I don't cross-contaminate, I read labels, I talk to the pharmacist about supplements and medications. I'm ready for some answers and to feel well after a year of being bloated, diarrhea, stomach cramping, and malaise.
  2. Diagnosis = Refractory Sprue

    I don't know why I'm waiting... I'm not sure what to look for in terms of ingredients that are a dairy derivative. I do have gluten-free lotions, hair products, cosmetics, etc. I also am the baker of the family and I just stopped making things with wheat flour for the rest of my family. I'm not a crafter and when we do any home improvements I'm masked up... Looking forward to life without discomfort!!!
  3. Diagnosis = Refractory Sprue

    Going dairy free in 7 days...
  4. Alright fellow gluten-free folks, I have been gluten-free for a year after a positive diagnosis via blood test and small intestine biopsies. No marked improvement after all this time. At least 4 more antibody test that have been sky high, despite doing all the correct things for gluten-free - reading labels, separate toaster, not trusting wait staff at restaurants that aren't gluten-free sensitive, etc. I have completed 1 month of steriods, no improvement and antibodies still high. The next steps are a hydrogen breath test for lactose intolerance, then a dr guided food elimination diet, then an enteroscopy to do more biopies of the small intestine and the jujunum (sp?). Anyone with a similar experience? Then what's next? This is so time consuming, tiresome, draining, and frustrating!!!!
  5. Want To Try Going gluten-free Vegetarian

    I am two days into a vegetarian diet. I feel okay. My gut has been bothering me, and I am currently on steriods. I have ordered a couple books from my local library to read up on proper vegetarian nutrition. I hope this vegetarian trial lasts through the 4th of July holiday, as we are traveling and staying with relatives. I do have to say that my yoga has been feeling fantastic!
  6. Thank you all for all the tips, advise, and information. I am going to try a month of Entocort to see if that changes my insides. I will probably try eliminating other foods from my diet if this steriod course doesn't do the trick.
  7. Well the doc says that my symptoms fit the bill for refractory sprue. Sprue that doesn't react to a gluten-free diet. So now I have to be on steriods for a month.
  8. Want To Try Going gluten-free Vegetarian

    That's funny! I should list why's before why not's! I have trouble digesting red meat in particular. It seems easier to function in my yoga classes with non-meat foods in my system. I also am wondering if going vegetarian will alleviate some of the symptoms I still have after going gluten-free (bloating, diarrhea, gas). Thanks for the tip - I'll check out that book at my local library!
  9. I have been gluten free for a while and I'd like to try going vegetarian (the lacto/ovo kind). I'm nervous because the gluten-free diet can be a bit tedious at times, and I don't know if I'd be making more trouble for myself. I also am a yoga instructor and a personal trainer, and I'm not sure if taking meat protein out of my diet is a good idea. The other caviat is my husband does not want to go vegetarian and the kids just couldn't give up their Bob Evans sausage on the weekends Just wondering if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or comments...
  10. My Mother!

    My parents came to visit last week and one of the night's we all went out to dinner (to a gluten-sensitive restaurant of course). My husband ordered some mozzarella sticks for the kids so they didn't start tearing up the place. The appetizer comes out and the waitress didn't give me a little plate because she knew I wasn't going to have any due to my gluten-free status. A couple of seconds later my mom hands me the plate of gluten and I declined. She said - "oh that's right you can't eat this - I'll remember some time". Hello - it's been over a year! I am only one of her two children! I was really hurt! I'm pretty sure she had no idea that her words and lack of concern were painful, geez!
  11. So today I go back to the GI doc again. I was rediagnosed Celiac disease a year ago - yes blood test and endoscopy(ies). I was previously positively diagnosed 10 years ago, but chose not to follow a gluten-free diet (bad idea I know). Anyway, I have been strictly adhering to a gluten-free diet for the past year. My first 4 months were terrible - I had a leaky gut, exhaustion, and malaise. I have improved, but I am still struggling with diarrhea, bloating and stomach cramps. I have to plan my day around most of my morning spent very near a bathroom. My anitbody levels are still high and I don't understand why. I prepare my gluten-free separately from my family's when they eat gluten. I have my own toaster. I read labels. I call companies. I rarely go out to eat and when I do it's to a gluten-sensitive restaurant. I'm just frustrated and want to move forward, but I feel like I've been stuck in this food-makes-me-feel-terrible spot for way too long!
  12. ? About Being Glutened

    My doc said it is typical to have a delayed reaction to getting glutened. Previously when you were regularly eating gluten - you were probably regularly in abdominal distress. Without the gluten in your system - it may take a couple of days for your digestive & immune system to respond to the gluten. Hope this helps!
  13. Poop Question

    Thanks for the link! Straight forward poop talk! Can't beat it!
  14. Probiotics

    I take Florajen probiotics - they are available at the pharmacy counter (Walgreen's). I took them pre and post diagnosis - still taking them now to help with the belly bloat. I can tell a difference if I skip a day.
  15. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in late June and had 8 weeks of fatigue and belly problems. Within the past month I have had more energy and my belly symptoms have decreased. I had my anitbodies tested again and they are still high. I am getting glutened some how. I don't eat out much - I am careful at home. I read all my food labels and I try to eat fresh foods to limit packaged ones. What else is there to do?