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  1. For those of you who lost hair while eating gluten... did it grow back at all after going gluten free??? Losing TONS right now since im eating gluten for testing and its making me uber nervous. Thanks
  2. Does this happen to anyone else? Im not diagnosed yet with a gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance (i was lactose intolerant as a child though) and i just had a cheese plate appetizer at a restaurant and i swear i felt drunk after eating it.. is that normal or is it all in my head? lol
  3. Thanks for your replies! The minute I wake up after the endoscopy im not touching any gluten! And i cant wait! im looking forward to feeling light and fancy free
  4. Just had blood work done today (waiting on results) and I have been scheduled for an endoscopy a week from now. This all started because I have been losing my hair like crazy, im bloated CONSTANTLY, always sleepy and foggy, etc... As a child I was always incredibly small (failure to thrive) and they even thought I was autistic for the first 2 years of my life. I have PCOS and low vitamin D and I have this instinct that there is some underlying problem that is exacerbating if not creating the PCOS and low vitamin D.... Looking at symptoms and family history, celiacs or Gluten Intolerance seems to fit the bill... Im scared though that its NOT gluten intolerance because then I don't know what Ill do.. im miserable, and im going bald (im only 27 years old). And since for the past few weeks i have been making sure to eat plenty of gluten because of all this crazy annoying testing and im feeling just AWFUL.. my boss asked me if i was preggers yesterday (not overweight, 5'6' and 145lbs) because im so bloated. Anybody else scared or was scared that it WASNT gluten intolerance? I just feel with Gluten Intolerance i will know how to manage it, it wont be easy by any means but ill KNOW what to do to make it better... ugh... i hate waiting!