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  1. I had breakfast there last weekend and it was great. The server knew exactly what i was taking about when i said I needed something gluten free. I had eggs, bacon and hash browns.. and my husbands side of fruit. All great. They also will make any of their mexican brunch items without the tortillas! Good experiance
  2. Denny's?

    I had breakfast there for a week straight when i was working out of town, and aside from the grease, I didn't have any problems. They even have a fruit option on the grand slam. Just make sure the server knows not to touch the toast etc
  3. Never tried Macdonalds... the idea grosses me out after a year and half eating gluten free and being healthy but in a pinch i did eat a wendy's baked potato and seriously paid for it. I don't know how or why but i was ill for a week afterwards. never again.
  4. Pf Changs

    Great experience at Sawgrass Mills, FL and Miami, FL. My husband and I generally only eat out when we are working away from home, we don't like the risk factor but pf chang's has been great both times and i am starting to get those old chinese cravings back i used to get years ago. Sawgrass Mills was slow, my parents were visiting and Outback was closed so we tried PF for the first time, apart from the slow service it was great. The second time in Miami was take out on my birthday and was so impressed by the efforts taken to use special dishes and give us gluten free extras like soy sauce. Again, no stomach problems. I still choose to cook at home, its safer and healthier but every now and again, PF Changs is a nice treat!
  5. Outback Steakhouse

    I have had 2 very positive experiences at Outback. Both times i ordered the small steak with baked potato and veggies. My husband had the ribs, which were delicious. No bread was bought to the table and our severs were extremely attentive. After a week travelling and eating subway salads it was like heaven! Highly recommend.
  6. I was lucky enough to drive by Soergels Orchard in Pittsburgh last week, if it hadn't been for the Gluten Free sign outside I would never had stopped but feeling curious and hungry my husband pulled over. Soergels is a huge Orchard with a deli, store, orchards, petting farm and goodness knows what else. We only had a short time but we dropped into a little store on a hill behind the main market called Naturally Soergels. i can honestly say, I very nearly cried. I have never seen such a selection of gluten, allegen free and organic products under just one roof. They have everything i have read about online, and even products from the UK (where I am from) that I have relied on my Mum sending me. They have all the frozen items I have been dreaming about trying and even a tasting table for their fresh cakes... yes I know, ever dreamed of being allowed to sample gluten free items without getting infected??? The angel food muffins are literally to die for. Amy Soergel (who was off when i visited) opened a store on her parents orchards after finding out she has to switch to a gluten free, dairy free, soy free and meat free diet. This women is now my hero! The store is beautiful, it looks like a woodland spa on a little hill, Like a small retreat. The staff are amazing, the store is so simple, everything is labelled down to the cleaning products! I was in Pittsburgh working so only had a short time to stop. I live in Miami, which apart from Whole Foods and all the main chain restaurants there is more or less nothing that caters solely to Gluten Free people. You can imagine, as much as I cried walking in, I almost had to be dragged out by my fingernails! I am going to make sure I visit again, work or not and hopefully they will start delivering soon. On a side note, Pittsburgh also had Gluteny in Squirrel Hill which I passed by, however its a bakery and didn't feel the need to loads up on more sweet treats so soon. I have visited a lot of places on the East Coast and Pittsburgh by far exceeds all the others in being gluten friendly, even down to knowledge in chain restaurants like Outback. I actually had more problems in NYC finding things to eat. Please please visit if you are ever there, It's a hidden gem that should be a jewel in Pittsburgh's crown. http://www.soergels.com/
  7. i am addicted to the El Sembrador brand frozen cheesy rolls! Living in Miami makes it easy to find these delicious dinner rolls, a staple in spanish supermarkets and I am extremely grateful for that. I know it's a Brazilian brand (they make plantains, rolls and several local favorites frozen) but I think it's just a coincidence they don't use gluten.... which is good for us!!! Today I picked up their corn tortillas and cheese and corn cakes and I cannot wait to try them
  8. i am the same, i live on the mac and cheese and the cheese enchiladas!!! but nothing else tastes good to me. i don't know about the garlic but when i eat ANY of the other meals, my husband is disgusted by my breath... they all have garlic in the ingredients and i have that garlic taste in my mouth. Maybe is isn't the garlic but why does the mac and cheese and enchiladas taste so good... and not have garlic?
  9. After trying several brands, the dove clean shampoo (green bottle) and conditioner works wonders and I have gone down the whole crazy expensive route with shampoos and nothing has worked this well! I bought clean and clear today to try, reminds me of when i was a teenager!!!
  10. Pizza Fusion

    I have been to the one on Biscayne in Miami and thought the Pizza was amazing, especially as I hadn't had any pizza for a few months BUT it is disgustingly expensive for the size of it. It comes in a large only, which is a good job because it's not a large you are used to. It really is a "restaurant" not a pizza joint like you would expect. It is fancy, nice furniture, nice wine list etc etc. I also had the brownies, the manager gave us extra too which was a bonus because they were yummy! I have to admit, despite the great taste (crust tasted more like a regular flour crust) the nice setting and great brownies, I haven't been back. It's down to the cost and it's just too expensive. This is a case when I truly feel they are jacking up the price to take advantage for a limited market in a restaurant setting, not a pizza place setting. Much like Amy's and Glutino's frozen ones. I can buy the corn flour and make it myself for the SAME price as if I was to make it with regular flour. I did however go to Slice in Ft Lauderdale this past weekend and spoke to the part owner, Aaron Carter (yes the dancing with the stars, backstreet boy baby brother and teen heartthrob) and asked him about a gluten free pizza... his words were "it's done" so watch this space!!! hopefully we will have a true pizza parlor that caters to gluten free slice lovers!!!
  11. In my fairly short experience, I have found that MANY gluten free foods, especially frozen meals are loaded with garlic. My husband and I hate garlic but some of my favourite meals have it in, for example almost all Amy's brand and Glutino frozen meals have a lot of garlic. I am not sure why this is, perhaps to give flavor to something that would otherwise be bland in their opinion? Maybe this is what you are tasting? In my opinion, despite the health benefits, garlic is putrid, especially when others around you have to smell it on your breath. I know if someone is near me with garlic breath my stomach turns over and I have to get away. And then there is the waking up in the night dying of thirst and fuming of it. This is a huge shame because I live on these frozen foods, or used to. Now as well as checking for gluten-free, I am now checking for garlic... which believe me, is in almost everything. I can rely on Ian's (chicken nuggets have garlic but only a little) and certain hormel canned items. Next stop is looking at easy recipes to try where I can control the ingredients, but it's hard.
  12. I use Bronners for just about everything, soap in the shower, cleaning for the house, to wash the dogs.... it's amazing! and the best part is I used it before I was diagnosed! I highly recommend it!
  13. Hi all, I am hoping you can help me? I have been using Desert Essence face wash for the past month or too but am looking for a regular (that i can buy in cvs/walgreens) face wash for oily skin, i suffer from acne also. If anyone has any advice please let me know, I haven't been diagnosed long and am still finding my way and so far absolutely no slip ups. thank you in advance
  14. :angry: 1. Amid the various Gluten Free cookies at Whole foods is a package of Newman-O's. Flanking them is the Glutino Brand and the Mi-Del Sandwich cookies. The Newman-O's have unusually large font that boasts WHEAT FREE AND DIARY FREE. In tiny italic font beneath it the package reads "this is NOT gluten free" are you kidding me????? Can anyone tell me WHO ON THE PLANET restricts wheat and dairy from their diet but tolerates Gluten? WTF?? Right, I know loads of people who say "I dont want wheat in my cookies, or dairy, but gluten is good-to-go for me" DUH. Apparently Newmans Own has found a special niche market. Hates Wheat and Dairy, loves Gluten. I wrote them them a letter so foul I didnt expect even the canned response. I know to read the labels. But this is seriously bordering on fraud. Id rather the package just outright insulted me like said something "YOUR UGLY" 2. Why is there no CLEAR AND OBVIOUS SYMBOL REQUIRED ON ALL FOOD ITEMS indicating the food allergies? I find it incredible how nearly every item stocked on the planet indicates if it is Kosher, (Dairy, parve, etc) But for Celiacs or nut allergies we get the "read very very carefully EVERY TIME" Because we may just change the box, SURPRISE!! Now, we would hate for jews or muslims to violate their religious code, but we (food manufacturers) figure If you are smashed with Gluten or have to use your epi-pen from allergic reaction "too bad, so sad, bye bye" What do you think the religious groups who observe Kosher would do if they had to check the package EVERY TIME they purchased the product? Just in case Hebrew National decided to start churning out franks on Boars Head's factory? They would lose the rag in an instant!! Strong lobbies have sued the city of NYC for microscopic organisms in the water that were not Kosher!!! Celiacs and other Allergen groups need to unite and lobby congress to make packaging laws very strict. Though I am doubtful it would succeed. After all most manufacturers find it hard enough containing all of the fecal matter tainting their product with ecoli virus. Its very sad. I find myself in a few "gotcha" situations with Amy's as well. For the love of god if its Gluten free change the color of the box, or make it obvious. I dont care if its pretty or has a photo of your cute kid on it, or if its from Vermont and approved by the Prius driving association. Just make it obvious so i dont need to act now and order that stupid "night owl" magnifying glass as seen on TV to read this stuff