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  1. what is Gluten-free Casein-free ??? and does the C part also have gluten?? Does it make you feel bad also having the C??
  2. Thanks guys for answering my questions. I did get sick last night but this morning i feel a little better. This disease is so hard. I feel better Joint wise and depression wise, but my stomach is still bothering me most of the time. I think its because i am allergic to milk also adn have been eating foods with that in there because if i eliminated that Id have nothing to eat. Thanks so much for all your help!!
  3. I just recently got diagnosed with celiacs and started the gluten free diet 5 weeks ago. tonight I thought i was eating Prego traditional pasta sauce and after a couple of bites, my face flared bright red and got hot and now i am all broke out on my face and feel funny This is the first time i have messed up, does this mean i start back over to square 1?? How will this hurt me My face ugh its soo hot and red. I wish they would start listing on labels the major allergens. Do any of you know if they have any plans to do this soon? I am so frustrated with this whole thing. Any advice or tips or encouragement that i wont have to start back over (i felt terrible the first week of coming off gluten). Have any of you accidentally messed up? Thanks so much Hope to get to know you all better Dianna