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  1. You have all been such a blessing to us through our daughter's experience with Celiacs. It is a honor to be able to give back even if just a tiny bit. Well long story short, we just had our first gluten attack in about a year and it was 100% from Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn. Popped in a movie and popped some corn and whammo.....within 30 mins, the burping and stomach pain began. Good news is that it must be a tiny tiny amount (we guess, please be gentle, we are still learning) as she only had the reaction for about 20 mins and she is now fine. We thought a shot of gluten after a year without would be much worse than it was. Same exact attack as she was getting (style wise, burping, massive gas and style of pain) when we didn't know it was Celiacs and just kept giving her cheeseburger happy meals. Ouch!! Insert bad parent guilt here. Anyway, even if many have not had a reaction, please be aware we had one on Pop Secret Homestyle microwave tonight. Here's hoping for a cure someday.