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  1. Try going to wikapedia and looking up celiac disease. I found it to be very helpful and I think that's where I found the acceptable and unacceptable foods lists. I hope this helps you!
  2. Thanks! So, where do I find this Dr. Crook and the womens yeast connection? Judy
  3. I have lived my whole life off and on with vaginal yeast infections, and soreness around the anal area. Last week, on the back of my tongue, I discover these white bumps. I went to my PCP and when he looked in my mouth, his first reaction was OOOOOOOOOOOO! I do not know what that is! Wow! Could he use a little bedside manners training. Needless to say, he gave me 2 scripts, one for Majic mouthwash and one for Nystatin. Wish I'd have filled the Nystatin 1st! The first script seemed to be doing nothing but numb my mouth and lips. So, after I filled the Nystatin and had taken it for 3 days, the white bumps are leaving very fast. Today, I had a dental cleaning and was told it was indeed a yeast overgrowth. I came home and after doing some research on wikapedia, I'm thinking I might have celiacs disease, because I have a lot of the symptoms. I'm thinking maybe I need to follow the celiac diet and try a different approach to end this life long Yeast Infection Somewhere syndrome. Has anyone out there in cyber world ever shared any similar, long term, ongoing, chronic Yeast problems? I would appreciate any backfeed!!!!