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  1. I believe librax/levison/hyoscyamine are all one in the same. All I know is hyoscamine reduced my spasms tremendously! I LOVE IT!
  2. Either or Let it dissolve or Swallow with water. Glad I could help
  3. Legal Seafoods is the Best! I have visited the north shore locations and have had the best success possible. My sister was a manager for a one of there restaurants and told me of there dedication/obsession with meal knowledge/preperation. (The waitstaff have to go to two days of classes to learn about fish. (Where it comes from, to how its transported, to meal prep) Everytime I go there for a meal at least 3 of the staff are there to assist in me in ordering and to verify that my meal was well prepared. Another good thing is they have no problem with using my gluten free margarine! I brought a stick of margarine in a brown bag, gave it to the waitstaff and the chef used it for my fried onions! Hope this helps
  4. This topic and or treatment might have already been addressed here. But, I'm still going to post anyway. I had a real bad case of intestinal gas, and the very LOUD spasms that would occur.(Having a brain freeze here, I'm thinking of the very last few feet of the intestine? That area right before being eliminated?) Moving on... If anyone suffers this symptom with its severity I wanted to hopefully help you. I was prescribed Hyoscyamine (Levison? I believe?) and it almost completed controlled my symptons. Hopefully this helps
  5. Hyoscyamine ROCKS !! I have been taking Hyoscyamine for over three years and I love it! I had a bad case of Intestinal gas and it virtually eliminated the problem!