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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Do you know how glucose sugar is labeled in Japanese? Other than the katakana for glucose, the dictionary also gives "budou-tou" which would lead one to think it's from grapes, but is that necessarily true? We often eat wagashi, and I was happy I wouldn't have to give up my mochi, but maybe I still have to be careful. Maybe the anko is sweetened with barley glucose? I always wanted to make my own miso, so maybe this can be my motivation! Thanks for the info!!
  2. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Cool! We just looked up sobagaki and we'll give it a try. I used to drink mugi-cha a lot, but I'm getting used to just plain water now. I'm a bit too overwhelmed to try eating out right now, but I'll have to keep that in mind if and when I do. My wife can taste my food and drink for me! Too bad for her I'm not a king... haha.
  3. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Hey, thanks again! For some reason the nearest JA always seems to be sold out of everything but red peppers or turnips. Kobe has lots of health food stores, and I'm going to make a trip to stock up this weekend. We're pretty good at label reading. We tried making brown rice bread, and although it tasted good, it wasn't bread. So we'll try stocking up on some other grains. I heard sorghum (takakibi, i believe) is the best. Is it possible to buy xanthum gum in Japan, or is there a more readily available way to make faux-gluteny bread? You take care in those jungles! Chris From a generally dependable connection in the rusting semi-inaka of Hyogo
  4. Dedicated Facilities

    Thanks to everyone who replied! That's what I wanted to know. I rarely eat out and already eat few processed foods, so it won't be so hard to extend that. But as my wife is Japanese and cutting miso and soy sauce from our menu might be a little too much for her, I think I'll start contacting the companies that make gluten free varieties to see what their operating procedures are like. For me, bread was a huge part of my diet, and I want to keep making it somehow. I tried making bread with brown rice flour last night. It tasted fine, but it wasn't bread. Anyway, I know where I can find millet flour and lots of other whole grains (I might invest in my own mill), so I'll contact those companies too. Anyway, thanks again!
  5. Hi, I have recently come to suspect I have celiac disease, but because of the difficulty and expenses involved with getting tested where I live (Japan), I am just going to try going gluten-free. If that solves my problems, I'll assume I do have celiac disease. Maybe someday if I go back to the States I'll do a challenge... My question is, how important are "dedicated facilities"? I'm almost certain they don't exist here, and I'm assuming many of the gluten free varieties of traditional Japanese food are still made in facilities that produce the normal gluten containing varieties (foods like soy sauce, and miso). I'm really not sure about the processing of non-gluten containing grains. I know you can get rice and millet flour and I've seen whole sorghum among many other grains. But again, I don't know the processing conditions. Very, very few people here seem to have heard of celiac disease, but there are people with wheat allergy. I don't think I am particularly sensitive. I do get an uncomfortable feeling in my bowels and some gas after eating a little gluten or drinking a beer, but I don't get full blown diarrhea unless I eat something like pancakes or pasta as my main dish. Because I don't seem to be so sensitive, should I not worry about cross contamination? Or is the damage still being done? Thanks for any help you can give me with this!
  6. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Thanks for the support! I will try going on a gluten-free diet and see if that helps. If it's successful, I'm thinking of compiling information from my experience to help other people who run into the same problem in Japan, or people who know they have celiac disease and are planning on going to Japan. It's amazing how much of the food in my house right now contains gluten. This is going to take some work!
  7. Celiac Disease In Japan

    It turns out that the test can't be done in Japan. Blood must be sent to the US to be tested, and so it's not covered by insurance, and it comes out to a tune of 100,000yen ($1,000US)!! That is not an option. I'll give going off gluten a shot. Wish me luck!!
  8. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Thanks for the information! We will contact Imai-sensei soon. Hopefully he has some connections in in the Kansai area.
  9. Celiac Disease In Japan

    Wow, I don't want to go through all of what she did! I tried to send her a message, but it gives me an error. I don't see the harm in trying out a gluten free diet, although I did read of people's difficulties in trying to go back on gluten for the purpose of testing. Ah, I'm not so sure about doctors here anyway. Except for in Kobe, the pediatricians we have taken our kids to all give antibiotics no matter what the diagnosis is, but Kobe is an hour away... My wife, who is Japanese, is going to help me contact hospitals and see if they can do the testing. But bethinjapan had to have the test sent through the mail to the States. Not sure if that is in my budget right now. Anyway, thank you for pointing me to her! I feel slightly less alone now!!^^
  10. I live in Japan and I strongly suspect I have celiac disease, but the doctors I have seen so far don't seem to have ever even heard of it, and one told me my problem is mental (i.e. stress). I suspect I have it because I have had frequent diarrhea for at least a few years, maybe more, and because the results of a health test in July show my cholesterol is too low and my ALP is too high, while the other liver function test results were normal (indicating a bone problem, not liver). Not sure how I could mentally raise my ALP... I had my blood tested again recently and got the same results. I originally thought the diarrhea was because Japanese meat is so greasy and so much of the food here is fried, so I became a vegetarian two years ago, but I still have diarrhea a few days a week on average (although I already lost my taste for meat, and don't think I can go back.) Anyway, my question is are there any people out there who have seen a doctor in Japan who is familiar with celiac disease, or at least knows what it is? Preferably in the Kansai (Kobe~Osaka especially) area. I know you can find anything in Tokyo, but Tokyo is far away. Or should I just assume I have it and go on a gluten free diet already? Maybe I can go back on gluten a while before my next trip back to the States and get tested then. I guess I would be even more sure I have it if a gluten free diet makes things better. But finding a doctor here who can help would be the best option. Because of my experience becoming a vegetarian, I think I've got living in Japan with a restricted diet down pretty well. Thanks in advance for any help!