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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Drinking With Celiac Disease

    Hi all, What do mean by hard cider? Never heard of the term. Cider to me has always been cider i.e. fermented apples. Ive never had any problems with cider (except for hangovers ) and also same goes for spirits. Ive recently started drinking sorghum based beers which are great as I enjoy the change! Id never have a casual cider but a casual beer is quite nice to have. In Ireland, Bulmers Cider(Magners abroad) is probably the top selling brand over the last few years and is by far and away the nicest mainstream cider available. Its also the only one available on tap. I do enjoy a whiskey or scotch now and again and Im glad to know that they are gluten free as I was slightly apprehensive about this. Regards D
  2. Just Not Sleepy/tired!

    Hi to all who have posted here. Until Id found this site Id thought its was just me or something that I just done. The tired/buzzed feeling is so common for me that I never really thought anything of it. When I have been glutenised its usually the 2nd week after that the symptons are worst i.e. chronic exhaustion and unable to sleep. I've found that lemon tea helps with this if only as a mental thing than a physical. I was never really into reading but when the Dan Brown novels came out I got hooked on reading! I also noticed that I couldnt stop reading even when I was tired. Seems like my body and mind get confused as to whether to sleep or stay awake. I've never had a problem staying awake for 36-48hrs str8 even though my body is dying for sleep I can be just too buzzed to go to sleep. Even after a long bout of staying awake I rarely sleep more than 8 hours and take upto 6hrs to fully wake up. This has made me quite moody at times. And OMG to I hate that cloudly brain feeling. It problem takes me longer to recover from that than anything. Whilst reading this and typing a reply I've rang my GP and I am going to get a check up as Ive not had on for maybe 3-4 years. I've noticed people saying they take iron supplements AND are dairy free, where do you guys get your calcium? I take calcium supplements as calcium is necessary to break down the iron but correct me if Im wrong about this. Coincidentally I logged my sleep since last Monday week and I average 5hrs a night . This average has to go up soon cos my body just isnt functioning correctly at the moment
  3. Hi Brian, The compnay I work for has a wine store in Kilkenny. We stock Glutaner and I can tell you its quite good when cold. Not the cheapest of beer at
  4. The Celiac Belly

    Personally Ive found coffee to be the worst cause of coeliac belly. But as Ive only joined here today I am leaning towards dairy being the cause. When I have a herbal tea's for the day I tend not to suffer so much even if Ive had milk on my cereal (which Ive stopped having). Coffee is my weakness and I really dont like it without milk so Im gonna try soya milk from now on and cut out all other dairy (except for natural yogurt as this seems to have a good effect on my belly). Can anyone recommend a probiotic drink (I drink Yakult) that is dairy free as I think this would really help me test if being dairy free is the answer to my coeliac belly? I dont seem to suffer from other foods only those that are high in fat. High protein (fish and eggs) are fine as I counter with plenty of fruit during the day. Regards D
  5. Could This Be Dh? I Have To Ask....

    Hi Nasa, I havent read most of the other replies but my in my own experience its most definitely a yes. Beer sets DH off in me all the time. The worst case I had covered my entire body (except for my face) and was especially painful under my arms and are my groin. I've always been suseptable to skin ailments (impethiago, eczema etc) but this was by far and away the worst. Thankfully the doctor I went to knew what the condition was pretty much straight away because it was getting embarrassing as well as extremely painful. I cant really justice anything to clear it up but I would suggest buying cider instead of beer as beer(or gluten based drinks) tend to trigger DH in me pretty much everytime. I hope it has cleared up for your husband now Regards D
  6. I've recently stopped eating Kellogg's as I couldnt pinpoint what was getting gluten into my system. It appears Ive found the answer. The warning 'contains Barley' should have been enough I guess. There possibly listed as having no gluten due there being less than 10mg of gluten in them but thats too much for me. Fruit and yogurt is now the new morning cereal