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  1. Had another thought after posting the last reply, make sure that you get checked out by your doctor to see that you do not have an anal fissure. That too will give severe discomfort after a BM and usually lasts a couple of hours. Good luck
  2. After reading your post I was very strongly reminded of problems that my son had after giving up gluten. He had a brief period of feeling well and then severe muscle pain, tightness and spasm in stomach and pelvic area. It was not diet related and none of his doctors had a clue either until he was referred to a physical therapist who found that the muscles in those areas had become very tight after years of gluten intolerance. He has been undergoing physical therapy and has had some relief. My suggestion to you would be to find a physical therapist and ask her about the possibility that this is a muscle problem. In particular ask her (the physical therapist) if by chance this could be pelvic floor problems. There is also a book out there (Healing Pelvic Pain) by Amy Stein who is a physical therapist in NYC and has actually written a book on Pelvic Floor Disorder that has wonderful exercises in it. Good luck to you. I hope this is helpful in resolving your problem.
  3. I feel as though I should explain what his symptoms are in case not everyone went through medical tests for a diagnosis. He has a tightness and spasms of the pelvic muscles, tight muscles in his back and thighs and some difficulty starting to urinate. None of this tightness ever goes away. Sometimes when especially bad it causes him to drag his foot which is the reason for sometimes using a cane. Its not so bad he can't get around but very depressing and constantly present. For someone who was a runner and a gym rat none of that is possible now. Barrets mom
  4. My adult son went gluten free 18 months ago after 18 years of being told that he has IBS. After a long period of adjustment he is now free of GI issues and as long as he stays gluten free his bowel functions just fine. He developed severe Pelvic Floor Disorder shortly after going gluten free. (He suffered from many years of never ending bowel movements as his body was trying to rid itself of the gluten but his MD had him on Imodium so there was a lot of opposing forces working against each other for a long period of time) Physical Therapists are now telling him that he has a lot of damage from Leaky gut to pelvic floor muscles. Anyone else develop this and if so does it resolve over time with therapy?? He is just so upset that he cured one problem and got a worse one. He has significant pain, and some days must walk with a cane. To those of you still struggling with gluten issues, I will tell you that many wonderful things have happened to him as the gluten resolved . His seasonal allergies disappeared as did sleep apnea, he regrew a head of hair, mental fog disappeared and anxieties have all but disappeared. This all took 12 to 14 months to happen. If the PFD would go away he would have a wonderful life ahead of him. Any supportive words would be appreciated. Barretts mom
  5. Looking for someone , either a psychologist or psychiatrist in either Silver Spring or Gaithersburg Maryland who would be good to talk to about long standing GI issues. Barretts Mom
  6. Gas After Eating

    I am already eating a very clean non processed food diet. Eating only fresh vegetables,rice meats, fresh fruit. My diet is so limited that I hate to cut out any more. Did get tested a while back and found I had multiple food sensitivities, Casin,dairy, soy yeast so I have definitely avoided them. This is so frustrating cause so many of my other symptoms have been helped by going gluten free I almost have a life back after 17 years of being in a very dark place with my "IBS" Now it is within my grasp and I just can't quite get there. I know its only been six months but in some ways these have been the hardest six months of my life. I'm definitely ready for some time where I will just be like everybody else (with the exception of not eating wheat) Thanks for your suggestion, though Barretts Mom
  7. Need some help in managing very painful gas. Have been gluten free for about six months and have had a really good response from my bowel except for this awlful gas which happens about an hour after I eat. It is really painful and I wind up going into the bathroom to try to pass some of it. Sometimes this leads to small BMs but the gas does diminish for about a half hour then its back again. Usually two or three hours after eating it goes away but then its time to eat again. I think it may be just from incomplete digestion and that my bowel hasn't totally healed yet. It is really driving me crazy. If I don't have the gas problem then I'm just waiting for it to start. It is making me miserable. Any help would be appreciated.What if this never ends? I'm at the point where I am just forcing myself to eat. Thanks, Barretts Mom