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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My first bit of advice is to have her go gluten free immediately, if only for a couple days. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in August after suffering from chronic diarehha for six months. I was becoming the incredible shrinking woman and could no longer plan on leaving home without a 'bathroom backup' plan. Prior to my official diagnosis, I went to the health food store and bought a small fortune's worth of gluten free food. In less than 48-hours the diarehha stopped!! Within a week my energy level improved so much that my children were greatly relieved. I am now gaining weight (sometimes to my dismay:) since I know how to eat. I believe the gluten free diet has saved my sanity and my life. And with all that I continue to learn (it's still very new to me), I think a lot of people should go gluten free even if they haven't been diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance. In order to better comprehend the whole issue, I think of gluten as "glue". Get rid of a lot of the glue and your body will function better. That's my layman's philosophy.
  2. I'm so confused! I don't have a helpful reply, but I have been having the same problems...not as severe, perhaps. I recently went to the ER after my heartrate was hanging around 195 for almost two hours! Then I was exhausted the whole next day. And, of course, now if I just 'think' my hearts taking off, I get anxiety and have to go through the mental process of talking myself out of it. I was given some beta blockers in case it happens again, but have not taken any. I've been having these racing heart episodes every now and then for the past 18 months. I was diagnosed w/ celiac in August. Are these things related???? No one ever mentioned that to me. I have an appointment w/ a cardiologist in two days. Do most cardiologists know there is a connection between rapid heart rates and celiac disease? I just thought these were seperate things wrong with me. I'd really like to know since I'm considering ablation surgery to stop the tachycardia attacks. I have so much to learn!! And it really does suck when you know people suspect you're a hypochondriac!!
  3. I just had my first followup after finding out I have celiac d. four months ago. All my "levels" were greatly improved. I take Vit D, Magnesium/Zinc, Calcium and a multi vitamin (oh, and Omega 3). I feel much healthier and going gluten free changed my life (after six months of chronic diarreha). However, I've been having frequent anxiety lately, including racing heart beats. I've determined those episodes are probably not related to celiac disease, but something entirely different. I think sometimes when we have a new diagnosis, we try to blame everything on our new 'condition'. However, I am wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in anxiety or panic attacks? Mine come out of nowhere when I'm feeling just fine and I'd love to have something to blame it on.
  4. I was diagnosed w/ celiac disease in August and my first followup w/ doctor is coming up soon. However, I was wondering about the degree of importance in getting the H1N1 flu vaccine since this condition affects the immune system. Anyone have thoughts about this?
  5. Hi. I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 3 months ago (after having chronic diarreha for 6-months). After going on the gluten free diet, I felt sooooo much better. But lately I've noticed that my fingernails are breaking real low, even my toenails have broken, and my bones seem to ache more. Anyone else noticeing these things? What kinds of supplements should I be taking?