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  1. Hi to everyone in the group. I have been tested for everything but Celiacs so far (not really sure what) but everything seems to come back negative. After a 4 month wait, I finally get to see a specialist in 2 weeks. It is so nice to see that I'm ot the only one that feels alone. I had tried the gluten free diet for 5 days and felt great, but have since strayed due to being laid off and a huge finacial change. I was just wondering if others are going though things that I am?! Everyday I have back pain, from severe to just noticable. I cannot eat anything dairy without bloating to the point I look pregnant and cramping that most of the time makes me cry myself to sleep. I cannot work out without having muscle spasms where the muscle actually raise from my leg about 2 inches. I gain weight everyday even though I'm eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle. I have even started eating one meal a day and sadly still gain weight. I have migranes or even just a slight headache pretty much everyday for the last month. My joints hurt everyday (sometimes the tendons near my ankles) and if even a couple hours of work where I'm using my hands, my wrist get to the point of not moving anymore and my fingers swell up like sausages.