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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. SLEEP---- Sorry, I didn't answer your question! The sleep is the most profound positive effect. I don't have perfect sleep---but it is amazing how quickly things improve. Perhaps I have had the best sleep since childhood. I was also a very uptight, extremely nervous person for most of my life. I am not sure there is any more "laid back" person than me now (LOL)! I had tried and failed at so many anxiety reliving techniques when I was so sick...that now the years of attempted habits have all of the sudden come to roost. I was a whack-job no matter what I did---now I understand between the inflammation and the lack of nutrients for so many years, it was a healthy brain reaction to a diseased body...not an inherently sick mind. Just kinda makes you wonder how many mentally ill people have simple malabsorption issues. ALSO...guys UNDERSTAND....that the wheat you eat is genetically engineered (insect, drought, etc resistence)...DID YOU KNOW that wheat has a huge proportion of the amino acid proline...which is thought to be the offending component in gluten. There appears to be a lot more gluten proteins per unit weight versus wheat of a generation ago. Maybe 50 years ago a lot of us eating regular wheat wouldn't had the problems we do now. Maybe, if our corn, rice, and other grains weren't so engineered we might not have as much trouble digesting them? In genetic engineering, NOTHING comes for free guys---a plant becomes stong in one set of traits, and weak in many others. Food for thought.
  2. Guys, thanks for the kind responses. I have a dear younf friend that had carcinoma of the small intestine---ent through chemo and removal of 8 inches---do you know that she has celiac type symptoms---not celiac itself...but an overall intolerance to carbs---because carbs, versus fats and proteins, causes the smooth muscle to contract in an alrady weak intestinal organs---she has to watch everything just like we do...and had the same malabsorption syndrome effects (before chemo)---just like we do----only it was to do a carcinoma. So the messed up symptoms are not fully due to celiac per se...but they are probably due to ANY compromise of the epithelium of the small intestine---regardless of the disease or injury. Again, for those of you who are dealling with the auto immune component---you need to find a way to take the pressue of digesion off the GI tract for a number of days, providing you're healthy. Would you walk on a swollen ankle? You would put mascara on a swollen eyelid? Would you carry a stack of books with a broken, swollen arm? Again, the GI is tricky---cause it is where we get our sustenance.
  3. Hey guys, thank so much for your responses. Here is another trick I have done...do not do this if you have diabetes or other metabolic problem...this is what worked for me. Stress really made the whole GI system peristalsis shut down earlier this year. I will remind ya'll, the auto immune issues with the gluten were gone...but the collateral damage...slow, but sure recovery. Know I very likely had a bacterial overgrowth problem, due to compromised small intestinal lumen...the only way I knew of (from my background) was to take the mechanical and chemical stress completely off those tissues. I went on a fast. You have to be smart about this...you must get your electrolytes (Sodium, Cloride, and Potassium) through salt and salt substitutes (potassium) in V-8 or some other low/no sugar alterative. You don't want to have sugars that will feed then beastie overgrowths. I had plain salads, with low cal dressing, nothing else (again, you don't want energy sources feeding the beasts). Basic soups. The key is to starve the beasts, and let the epithelium have a chance not to be challanged for 4-5 days. But remember the fluids and electrolyes...skip the sugar, even sugar alternatives. It was tough, but two things came from it: peristalis AND no gluten hypersensitivity from cooking in a non gluten kitchen...you reset the B-cell anti-body response, which in conjunction to with certain T-cells, makes symptoms arise with exposure to minute gluten proteins. I had tried laxative, both herbal and the hard stuff, and they just made the problem worse (for me). Man, I got really screwed up down there... So now I can cook gluten foods for my SO, and as long as I wash my hands...no problem. Hypersensitivity problem gone. By the way...I have not cheated once...because I know how friggen ill I was...and I NEVER want to suffer like that again... Godspeed you guys...I know what hell this is.
  4. Hi guys, it has been exactly a year since going gluten free. First I want to say that this is a serious auto-immune issue---let me tell you the symptoms I had 1. Severe constipation---found out peristalsis almost stopped 2. Severe pain and bloating 3. Severe bruising---every little bump caused bruising 4. Amemia 5. Severe medication resistant insomnia 6. Severe medication resistant bipolar symptoms and panic attacks 7. General retention of fluid ankles, faces, bra area, etc. It has been a year---let me tell you what worked for me....and what other intolerances I found I had 1. For intractable constipation Gluten free---HOWEVER, NO GLUTEN FREE breads,corn tortilla cookies, pasta, rice...NOTHING GOOEY---even with drinking lots of water, ANYTHING dense, that "packs" will flare up the bloating, gas, and pain 2. When I get a severe blockage---this is what I do day one---eat high fluid food---soups, fruits, wet vegtables, drink lots of water (warning:gross out) day two---insert 3-5 glycerine suppositories. Because the impaction is "high up", this is the only technique I know to stimulate peristalis in the descenging colon. Impaction is immediately loosened. 3. I have a minor intolerance to rice, corn, and dairy...small amounts are OK, but if I overeat, the bloating flares up 4. Inside of a year, all sleeping, bruising, fluid rentention, and psychiatric symptoms have all but disappeared---the only thing is a GI flare up due to "gooey, dense foods" that get "packed" easily 5. Do NOT eat more that 500-ish calories at one time---do NOT overload your system with too much food at any one time I hope this helps...gluten free breads, etc, are not a solution for me...think "texture". Guys, I have my life back, I am a changed woman.
  5. I mentioned this in passing in my other thread. The small cytokine so called storms can be potent neurotoxins. I am a talented scientist and engineer...and WAS diagnosed as Bipolar I...no medication was working, I could not sleep, and I was quickly descending into this cyclical psychosis that would last until early afternoon every day. Thousands of times I thought..."God, I feel like I am being poisoned...this psychosis is like a hangover that burns off." And that's what it was. And man, this has majorly screwed up my intestinal tract. I have trouble tolerating almost everthing but vegetables. I mourn for the many years I fought with my demons, how so many times I thought I felt poisoned or drugged...yet I could not pinpoint it. I have tears for all the lost opportunity, the vain struggle. Life sucks. I suppose I would have some real psychological issues with not being able to eat anything, but the fact is, I was a real nut case, and I am afraid of eating glutin. It's not even a temptation. It scares me. I am acually not bipolar.
  6. Serious Bowel Disfunction

    Thank you guys so much. You are a wealth of support and information.
  7. Serious Bowel Disfunction

    Thanks so much...when I went to the ER regarding this, the DR. said there was no obstruction in my lower tract...but I could feel it---and he could not answer me as to why my bowels felt so distended. Does this suprise you? Thanks for the suggestions! I would appreciate further ideas if anyone has them.
  8. Hi guys, I have been gluten free for 5 months. I bacame aware when I stopped having BMs (my descending colon felt packed to my ribcage when my abdomen was palpitated) and was in severe abdominal pain. this condition was fairly nonresponsive to enemas, laxitives, for which I only used when things go really out of hand. I stopped all gluten. My bruises healed, cuts quickly healed, my hair and nails had growth spirts. My suicidal thoughts, which had tortured me since childhood disappeared instantaneously. Anything dairy seemed to keep me plugged up. Rice and beans in large amounts cause pain. So I am basically at the point where I eat lots of soft, wet vegetables---lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green beans...etc. And I am still having impaction problems. I really don't know how I can be impacted eating this soft food. I eat no rice pasta, breads, other than a few corn tortilla. I drink only water and a cup of plain coffee in the mornings. I still have the "packed tube" feeling in my abdomen. Input and ideas appreciated