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  1. Jlessie, Have fun on your trip. The East Coast is a wonderful place to visit. You won't have any trouble at Swiss Chalet as long as you tell the waitress/waiter that you have celiac disease. Avoid the sauce and the roll and it will be fine. I am finding now that I can tolerate the sauce as it is supposed to be gluten free. They are really knowledgable about this and will be able to help. Lisa
  2. Hi from Ontario. I have gone to the states and bought the gluten free cake mixes from Betty Crocker. They are really good and you can not tell that there is anything different about them. To make a two layer cake you have to use two packages of mix so it gets expensive but for a birthday it makes sense. I have made one layer and taken Jello chocolate and vanilla pudding along with cool whip and scor bar pieces and made Sex on the beach. ( a layered dessert) It is always a big hit when we have an occasion or company for dinner. I hope this helps. Lisa mestamp='1269355607' post='600271'] This may sound petty, and I apologize in advance. I have been ill for 6 years, and constantly trying to watch what I eat. The one day a year I let myself enjoy is my birthday, which is Thursday. Yesterday I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. I'm having difficulty processing this information, and I keep coming back to my birthday. I had my fiance cancel my cake, and honestly, I'm really down about it. I guess it's just an adjustment period I need to go through and that's why I'm fixated on something so minor, but does anyone have any suggestions on things I can enjoy on Thursday? Thank you so much.