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  1. This fall I was focusing on bloating issues. Thought I had it beaten over the summer, then it started around December. You know where I'm going, don't you? I wasn't supplementing with D. Started back on it & my passive - aggressive gut is getting back in line with the rest of me! Something else I figured out re: bloating. I seem to get even better results when I make sure that I get enough choline in my diet. Doing my research choline is in itself pretty amazing. I got a couple references that claim it prevents fatty liver, for example. My guess is that it has some impact on cholesterol metabolism. Second thing about choline is that it is source material for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. ACh is responsible for gut motility and secretions. (I saved the source for that, if anyone needs it). I'm thinking that when we don't get enough choline in our diets, ACh levels drop, and bloating begins. Somewhere, somehow, Vitamin D plays a part here also. Choline sources are diverse: ground beef, egg yolks, shrimp being rich sources. The things you aren't supposed to eat. Also, almonds and cabbage. Of note: I have a cornea disorder( Fuch's Dystrophy) & have had to have corneal transplants. Another part of my research discovered that the cornea has a high concentration of ACh. Or should have. Following my new diet modification, I've noticed that my vision is a heck of a lot sharper now. Leaving tomorrow on vacation, I've enabled email notification. Will reply when I get back 01/03.