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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. is waiting for her daughter's next appt.

  2. Quick update: Her GP thinks I was right, that she has celiac disease, but she didn't do blood tests just yet. She referred Alicia to a gastroenterologist (sp) and said she could get blood now, but didn't want Alicia to be stuck twice (in case he knew of other tests she didn't or something I guess). So she sent an urgent consult. The only test that was done was a stool sample to see if a bug had something to do with her short stature and cramps. We lived out of the country for several years, so you never know... One question: It's about that endoscopic biopsy of the small intestines. If the blood tests come back neg, aren't those biopsies a little much for a 7 year old to go through? If the diet alone can take away the symptoms, why test now and not later when she's old enough not to be scarred? It just seems so...invasive. I know I'm a little ahead of myself here, but just wondering.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I was born with a genetic kidney disease, so we already have a lot of healthy foods in the house, but I think the thing that scared me the most was bread-type items. Thankfully, if we have to go back on the diet, we already have tons of rice from a long time ago. I was also nervous about spices, but that turned out to be easy. Tomorrow I'm gonna try for a same-day appt, and hopefully we can get the test done right away. She's been back on a regular diet since last night, and after being on a gluten-free diet for 2 days, she woke up this morning with an improvement in her rash for the first time in weeks. I'll post more then I hear something. =)
  4. Thanks so much for all the advice and info! I guess I'll keep her on a regular diet until I hear further. Thanks for the test info too. So much to go through and think about! I'm going to re-read everything and I'll post back after I get her test results. Thanks for everything!
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm pretty convinced my 7 year old daughter has Celiac Disease. Here's the back-story. Went from 75% growth at 2 yrs old, and has been below 5% for 2 years - docs confirmed stunted growth. She's 7 years, 4 months old and still wears a size 5 jeans perfectly. Slightly elevated thyroid levels (4.6 I think?) a couple months ago and we have our endocrinology appt coming up on the 12th. However... She's had stpmach cramps on and off for a couple years. Docs thought she was overeating, but didn't hear me when I said she's a slow non-eater. (she eats, just not a lot and verrry slowly, so she's not overeating) Then right around Christmas, her forehead started breaking out with what looked like a few small pimples. I thought maybe she just wasn't cleaning her face properly in the shower, but as of a few days ago, she now has a full on (non-red) rash all over her face, and it's now starting on her arms. Sometimes these itch, sometimes a couple of them "burn" a little. I googled everything, and I'm pretty convinced it's celiac. I'm taking her to her regular doc on Monday to see if there are any antibody tests that can be done while we wait for the real tests, because I refuse to not have her on a diet now. So, this is her second gluten-free day. HOLY COW is it expensive!! I've spent...thinking...$316 yesterday at Whole Foods and another like $150 today at a local supermarket after I realized I didn't come home with a lot of food! We so cannot afford this. I mean, food in the San Francisco Bay Area is expensive enough... Any thoughts? I'm sure her docs at Stanford/Lucille Packard will be able to figure it out, but in the meantime, I'm kind of sick to my stomach about this. I read that we shouldn't start kids (anyone) on a gluten-free diet until they are diagnosed, as to not hide the symptoms, but now that I think about how the food I've been making her all of these years might have been hurting her, I can't imagine going back on a regular diet for even a day. Thanks for listening. I'm glad I found this forum. ()/ Tammy Edited to add pics. I know they don't show the rash well. It's really all over, tightly-packed and flesh-colored.