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  1. Exactly my original thought. I'm so used to quick reactions, but I had nothing unusual after Wednesday night.
  2. I recently dined at Joe's American Grill and was thrilled with the service and attention I received due to my celiacs. They cooked the fries in separate oil and the manager came to speak with me. This is not the first time I've been here, but this time I had a problem. I think I reacted to their flourless chocolate torte that the manager said was approved for gluten free diets. It was excellent. However, I was there on Wednesday and on Saturday I was having absolutely horrendous diarrhea. Really knocked me out for all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Has anyone else tried that torte and reacted to it. On another note, I used to react to things very quickly and didn't usually react a few days later. Is that unusual? I have had celiacs for over seven years (diagnosed, anyway). Thanks. Ed