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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I have 9 more weeks till my due date. (yayyy) at my appt yesterday the nurse said something about some people with Celiac have to have C-sections due to the increased risk and intolerance of pressure on the colon???? ANyone hear of this??? I see the doc in 2 weeks to see what she says about it.. either way i want what is better for my little Boy blessing.. but i was totally set on a Natural / unmedicated childbirth...the way God designed us to do it !!
  2. Thanks so much. God is truely holding on to me sooo tight right now..i go back tuesday to make sure everything is done. the pain is sooo so raw right now. i am blessed to have a hubby that takes care of me and blessed to know Gods love. I have NO idea how someone who does not know God could make it through this
  3. Thank you all but as i am having a miscarriage.. woke up this am with bad cramps and had a tinge of old blood,,by the time i got to the doc i had bright red clots..my cervix is still closed though but the odds arent in babies favor. will know more tomorrow when blood work comes back. it hurts so bad,,but God has given me peace. i will meet this baby one day. either in 9 months of when i get to Heaven
  4. i am 6 weeks and 2 days, first ultrasound next monday so excited and nervous..dont think i will feeel calm till i hear that heart beat..i didnt get a positive hpt till i was a week late, so that makes me nervous about my hormone levels..but just putting it in Gods hands any gluten-free mommy advice and prayer greatly appreciated !
  5. Poll- How Tall Are You?

    he likes to tell me and my mom that "time to get highlights again, your roots r showing:
  6. Poll- How Tall Are You?

    I'm 6'...my mom is 5'7"..my dad is 6'8" and my brother 7'2"
  7. Thanks Girls ! and thanks for the dust
  8. There are MUCH worse things a person can have than Celiac...Besides, its not 100% that your baby would even have IT ! No one else in my family has celiac, they are ALLLL bread eaters and have perfectly good guts ! If you think about it..and look back even 5 years, look how much gluten free has changed- heck even Betty Crocker has gluten free products and hamburger helper so , we are making progress and IF your child were to have Celiac, think how much more well educated the world would be on Celiac by then..AND being a Celiac you would know what to watch out 4 Sure I have thought about my child missing out when other kids in his class have cupcakes and pizza..but, its no reason NOT to have to a baby if you wants kids
  9. We have started TTC, not charting or temping or anything. Just gonna do it the old fashion way for a while .. I was just wondering what those of you have eaten before and during pregnancy..I've stopped my hyomax and omeprazole..just taking prenatal vitamin and digestive enzymes and doing well.. Just looking for some pointers THANKS ~
  10. This is fun ! Yesterday: B- 1 Vans gluten-free mini waffles(sooo good), Earthfare natural peanut butter( u make ur own @ the store, just 100% ground peanuts) and honey on top. S- apple w/pnut butter L- Salad with carrots/chicken/bell pepper., Yogurt. (snuck in some rice crackers before evening church) D-Rice chex w/ almond milk
  11. I've decided to gut my dogs gluten too !! lol.. Hard as i try he still sneaks in kisses on my face, talk about the kiss of death !!! So i'm gonna put him on a wheat free dog food, just wondering what brand those of you that have cut out gluten from your pets food use? I have a picky eater and a big boy so if it is possible a little on the cheaper side
  12. For The Ladies Among Us...

    Biotin is great for the hair, as well as omegas..have you had your thyroid checked? Hair loss is commen with thyroid issues
  13. Concern From A Call From The Doctor

    It will be ok Think of all the positive you have going for you-- Some ppl have scopes 1 YEAR post Dx/gluten-free diet, and do not show improvement and YOU have--YAYY!!! And it's wonderful that you have a DR that pays enough attention to your symptoms to send you to an endocrinologist,, you can tell from enough posts on this site that ppl with celiac tend to have dr's that seem to turn a deaf ear ..And you are very blessed to have a amazing famiily , and if there was ever a time to have Celiac or Addisons, it's now.. I often think of all the ppl years ago that suffered with unknown Celiac and other diseases.. no treatments,med's etc like we have now.. And you have this site and a wonderful supportive group of us that are walking in the same shoes Thoughts and prayers with you ..let us know when you go !!!
  14. gluten-free Food Tax Write Off?

    ThAanks guys...i will call my tax person tomorrow..but.. i think i would rather just not try and claim anything and NOT risk getting audited
  15. I had a lady tell me a while ago that her grandson's doctor suggested a gluten-free diet(due to autism),,and he also told her that since it could be considered a medically prescribed diet, that they could use it as a deduction on their taxes?? Does anybody know if this is true? I also heard you can write of mileage and costs of traveling to the doctor