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  1. I have also been casein-free for the past seven months. I do not eat much (any?)soy that I am aware of--and a minimal amount of processed food. I will look again at the processed foods though. Thanks for your recommendations.
  2. I was tested by Enterolab to indicate that I have gluten and casein sensitivities. I started a strict diet in November (2010)--but I have not yet experienced an improvement in symtpoms. Symptoms include: left temple ache/numbness, left arm pain, right leg weakness, muscle twitching, fatigue, etc. I am also taking a variety of supplements, including: probiotics, vitamins D3 and B12, and a multivitamin. Just for a bit more background, I am a 49 year old man. As many of you have experienced, I was tested for a wide variety of diseases/ailments before determinining that I am gluten sensitive. My question is this. Recently, I was out of town and ate at a restaurant (PF Chang's) that has a gluten free menu. Shortly after dinner, my stomach started hurting. I experienced stomach pain until the following day. I am wondering, if this was an exposure to gluten, how long this may set me back in the healing process--particularly since I have not yet experienced a relief of any symptoms. Any ideas on this? Thanks.
  3. Your theory regarding airborn triggers is interesting. I remember when I used to get regular stomach aches from going outside--particularly during allergy seasons.
  4. I am the original poster of this thread... As of June 1, 2011, I have completed seven months of a strict gluten/casein free diet. I'm supplementing with a good multivitamin, along with B12 and magnesium. I've experienced fewer esophagitis symtpoms--but no improvement in neurological symtpoms. In fact, I feel that some of the neuro symptoms may be worse. I noticed that the heat seems to have aggravated my neuro symtpoms. Does this heat aggravation point to MS? Testing five years ago showed no evidence of MS--MRIs and spinal tap. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Do I just need more time on the diet?
  5. My symptoms also seem to get worse with weather changes, particularly in the spring--with snow melting. I'm guessing that allergy is involved and that melting snow exposes mold. Does this make it less likely that my symptoms are related to gluten? Or do others react to weather changes too?
  6. I am wondering if weather changes can influence symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity. I've noticed that my symptoms get worse if the weather changes--particularly during allergy seasons. Does the impact of weather make it less likely that my symptoms are associated with gluten sensitivity?
  7. I am wondering if anyone has any input on unresolved neurological symptoms (beyond twelve months). I tested through Enterolab in 2007 to find that I have two genes predisposing me to gluten sensitivity (DQ1, DQ3). I tried gluten-free diet for over one year, but it was not a strict diet. Six weeks ago, I have started a strict gluten/casein free diet. No improvement yet. In 2008, I was also diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. My primary symptoms of concern, however, are neurological: left temple ache, left arm pain, right leg weakness, fatigue. My concern is that I have read very recently that a gluten-free diet may not reverse neurological damage--if symptoms have continued for over twelve months. Any thoughts on this? Does it make sense to even try on the gluten-free diet?