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  1. Nope. I was not on any steroids at the time of the test, nor have I ever been. Thanks, everyone, for the input. I have started my gluten free trial. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Thank you. I do have a basic understanding of genetics, and I realize that simply having one of the genes associated with Celiac doesn't necessarily mean I have (or will develop) the disease. I guess what I'm trying to find out here is, A.) Is it possible that the specialists are wrong and I really do have Celiac? Or, if that is unlikely, B.) Is there any other reason (besides gluten sensitivity) for having a positive IgA result?
  3. I just received a message from my doctor saying that she misinterpreted my genetic tests. I'm actually positive for HLA-DQ8 - not DQ2. Not sure if that makes any difference or not, but there it is. She seemed to think it made it even less likely that I would go on to develop full blown Celiac Disease. Is it possible that the IgA test result was a false positive? Because that is what they are suggesting now...
  4. I went to my family doctor at the beginning of February because I have been experiencing IBS like symptoms off and on for years. She agreed that it sounded like IBS, but ordered a blood test to check for Celiac. When it came back positive, she referred me to the Celiac Clinic at Mayo (luckily I live in MN less than an hour away from Rochester). To make a long story short, my test results are very conflicting. First round of labs: IgA Tissue Transglut <1.2 (negative) IgG Gliadin <1.0 (negative) IgA Gliadin 65.2 (strongly positive) Reticulin Ab(s) - negative Endomysial Ab(s) - negative Interestingly, I also came back positive for Rheumatoid Factor (41 - normal: <15). I was scheduled for an Endoscopy & Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. Biopsies from both came back normal (no damage). Visual examination during the scopes was also 'normal'. On the second round of labs, I came back positive for HLA-DQ2 and negative for HLA-DQ8. My 'Celiac markers' (whatever that means - I wasn't able to get a clear explanation over the phone) were negative. Vitamin D was 'low'. Iron was 'good'. My official diagnosis? IBS (with a possible susceptibility towards Celiac Disease). I was, however, told it wouldn't hurt to try a gluten free diet for a while and see if it resolves any of my symptoms. I am confused. The Celiac specialists obviously don't think that I have celiac disease, but I'm symptomatic. I don't have any family history of Celiac that I'm aware of (though my mom has similar symptoms, as did my grandmother, and I have a son with Crohn's who's been tested for Celiac and is also negative). Is it possible that this is simply a gluten 'sensitivity'?