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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weight Gain

    Soy really is bad news, I avoid it like the plague! http://www.westonaprice.org/Soy-Alert/ https://www.westonaprice.org/Soy-The-Dark-Side-of-America-s-Favorite-Health-Food.html
  2. I don't think they are looking for a parasite A stool sample is tested to detect fat in the stool, since celiac disease prevents fat from being absorbed from food.
  3. Aww, poor kid! I hope you get some answers too! Hubby and I were talking last night about how much better he feels since going off bread and pasta (obvious gluten products) etc. I asked him some more detailed questions, like what about hidden gluten like in beer? He had a beer the last two nights and it did not seem to affect him. His response was that he has spent his whole life feeling sick, so he doesn't notice an 'upset' stomach anymore because it is just normal. That is just wrong and I don't want my little one to grow up thinking that being sick is normal!
  4. Weight Gain

    Sugar and refined carbs/ high glycemic load fruits and grains are going to put weight on. You need to avoid those things, drink more water and you will see weight loss.
  5. You got some good input already about books and such, but I would like to address diet. You mention being low carb and that the bulk of your diet is protein and veg. I have a couple questions and then I will give you some feedback, ok? What does your typical day's food intake look like, what exactly did you eat today or on a typical day? How long have you been low carb? and specifically what foods do you avoid (besides dairy and gluten)? Celiacs/gluten intolerance aside, sometimes it takes your body time to recover from a higher carb lifestyle and can take a while to start seeing results, my Hubby is gluten intolerant and cut out most refined carbs in Jan.....it has only been in the last 6 weeks that he has started to see steady weight loss....so hang in there!
  6. High Gliadin Ab IgG is an indication or potential celiac/gluten intolerance, but from all of my reading there is quite a broad range of interpretation. I would say it definitely is a sign that she is not tolerating gluten well. I woudl certainly take her off gluten right away...if you really want to push for more testing then she needs to continue to consume it, which is a hard thing to make your child do! Good luck! Edited to add.....you could simply get a copy of the lab work and take that to a GI doc for a second opinion.
  7. I KNOW that I have issues with gluten in terms of addictive its addictive qualities--bread (and ice cream) are my drugs of choice. I also have some definite GI issues...and have reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The sugar blood sugar spike is what keeps us coming back to simple carbs like bread and sugar. It is really a roller coaster ride of peaking and bottoming out....you need to break that cycle. Set a goal of going several days with out your crutch of simple carbs and sugar and you will quickly notice that the cravings go away....once you get it out of your blood stream. I can't address the testing question, but do have carb issue experience!
  8. Kefir is a wonderful and natural source of pro-biotic. It is a cultured milk product and very easy to make and use. Most who are lactose intolerant can handle kefir because it is cultured. Google it. Anytime you can ingest nutrients in their natural form, you will gain the most benefit. Edited to add: the difference between yogurt and kefir is that the good beasties in yogurt are transient, meaning they only help as they pass thur. The good beasties in kefir on the other hand, colonize in the gut and fight off pathogens full time
  9. OK thank you....it looks like it is worth it. She has been gluten-free since Sunday, if I can get her in on Monday or Tues. (8 days gluten-free) is that too long? I know being off gluten is not good for testing but this is a bagel for breakfast, bread for lunch kind of girl...she should be pretty loaded with the stuff!
  10. Same mixer and spatula...different cupcake pans. I had kids doing the cooking and flour got all over the place! Oh, boy...lots and lots to learn
  11. Long story but I have a 16 yr old who appears to be gluten intolerant. I dug up some old lab results and see that she does have gliadin antibodies in her system...confirming that gluten is likely the source of her GI distress....even though Dr proclaimed negative on celiacs. Fast forward 5 yrs form her testing, I am having my 7 yr old tested. Should I have my 16 yr old retested? Is there any benefit in having an actual diagnosis? I read this in a post and I got me thinking maybe a diagnosis is necessary? That said at her age she would need to have precautions taken at school so a positive 'gold standard' diagnosis would be helpful with that IF your ped will not diagnose based on symptoms, positive blood work and response to the diet. Thoughts?
  12. I would go gluten-free, it certainly can't hurt. When he is older, you can always do a gluten challenge.
  13. Had the blood drawn today...Dr. was great about my requests although said they could not to the DGP as it is still 'experimental'. I should hear back middle of next week! Yay, things are finally underway!
  14. Wow Carecare...we are definitely in the same exact boat! I would interpret your DD's results as being yes, she has trouble (on some level) with gluten! The more I read, the more gluten intolerance/sensitivity/celiacs reminds me of autism....there is such a broad spectrum. If you DD is ill when consuming gluten, then it really does not matter what the numbers are. I just took my 7 yr old to be tested today..even though she is consuming a very small amount of gluten I anticipate that her antibodies will be higher than her older sister. We noticed my husbands health improving by cleaning up our diet...semi paleo, but we do dairy and the occasional grains. For a while, I think he really thought this was all made up in my head. He just did not really see the connection because his whole life he has had GI issues. We have been off most wheat and grains for several months, but he still cheats regularly. For the last week he has been very good about his diet, no cheats, like pretzels or anything. Yesterday he went to subway and had a sandwich on whole grain bread and started to feel the indigestion creep up on him very quickly. I think that sealed the deal! I encourage you to get your kids checked. Ask specifically for testing, don't ask for the Dr's opinion! And ask for copies of all lab work!! Good luck!
  15. Thank you for all the great responses! I appreciate it To clear up a few questions she is going gluten free because we recently pulled some lab work that was done 5 yrs ago. She was tested for celiacs and the Dr said it was negative but she was positive on the antibody....which meant nothing to me and so I (stupidly) did not ask for clarification as I was just happy to hear she was Neg on celiacs. Here Gliadin Ab IgG was elevated above the normal range....which seems to be evidence that she is having trouble (at some level) digesting gluten. The lettuce wrap is just that, stuff wrapped in lettuce...usually turkey, pepper jack cheese and cuke. No dip, no flour wrap. The reason for the complex menu is that I teach cooking lessons and she is in my class...the menu was chocolate peanut butter filled cupcakes (we made the black bean cupcakes for her), mashed pots and oven baked ribs. When I was choosing the BBQ sauce I was looking to avoid modified food starch....apparently I have a lot more to learn! Also CC could definitley be it, she was quite hands on with making the regular cupcake recipe Ooops! Yep, lots and lots to learn. Just took her younger sister in for testing today. She has a very pronounced reaction to gluten, much more than the 16 yr old.