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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Although bare minerals do not contain any gluten-free ingredients I suggest you try it for a day. The main ingredient in bare minerals is zinc, and alot of people have reations to this ingredient. I recently went to a store where bare minerals were sold and was treated to someone putting the makeup on me to see how I'd respond. After two hours my face had a rash and was flaking, then I got stys around my eyes. When I went back to the store the sales women told me that they get two complaints about this type of makeup 1. a bad rash that goes away if you use the product consistently for a few weeks and 2. major dry skin , even though they say you can mix your own moisterizer in it, the makeup will still dry out your skin. When I told her about celiac disease she said that she wouls definetly not recommend mineral makeup. I have very sensitive skin so I suggest you try it for yourself before making a decision. And if you don't have a store nearby that sells it only buy a small portion of the net.
  2. Sunscreen

    I'm new to this whole sharing info stuff so please bare with me. I don't use sunscreen because I'm on certian medications that require me to stay out of the sun. Even though i don't wear sunscreen if I was going to I would definetly make sure that it was gluten-free. It doesn't matter if you have DH or not the fact still remains if it has gluten in it it will affetct your body. On a side note to say that a person can only have a reaction if they ingest gluten is completly wrong. Some people, like myself, can't tounch it, breath it, or eat it so its best to be carefull. Also a nurse once told me that the more you expose your body to something your allergic to the worse that allergy will become. So while putting on loitions, suncreen, etc, might not bother you now, the more you use them the higher your chances get to not being able to breath gluten.
  3. Gf Restaurant Food

    Iknow exactly what your gong threw my husband and I recently took a vaction and I was really worried about where we would eat, we had a small budget for food, so I knew no fancy dinners. The good news is that you can eat at most fast food resturants. And seeing as your traveling with kids I'm sure that the majority of your meals will be fast food. Here's what I found you can eat at chick-fi-la thier grilled chicken sandwich is cooked seperetly from everything else. The buns are aslo cooked or warmed away from the food. Also thier frie's are put in a seperate oil bin, so you don't have to worry if the chicken tenders were thrown in with the fri's. Don't forget to ask the person handeling your food to change gloves. Another place to eat is Wendy's they have bake potatoes, fri's, salads, etc. The most importnat thing to ask when eating out is if they fry everything in the same oil bin. Almost all fast foos chains have a differn't bin for their fri's. Also if you explain why you can't have the bun, or croutons, the staff will definetly try to help in any way. P.S. Don't even go to KFC, subway, or pizza hut. Even if you find a gluten free item in these places the cross contamination is to high. Hope you have fun