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  1. 20 minutes. I'm not celiac but my gluten intolerant numbers were so high that my naturopath said to live my life as a celiac. I get constipated for 3 days with horrible gas and then diarhea for about 2 days.
  2. i have that book, now that i have such a raving review i will make some. I dearly miss making biscuits.
  3. robyn: i'm sarah'smommy over at the DS board. Sarah's only 2 so we haven't gotten big into playgroups but DH and I are gluten intolerant as well so i bring my own food for her and i whereever we go. I get sick 20 minutes after being "glutened" and hubby gets sinus issues but it has to build up in his system. Anyway i just wanted to say hi to a familiar name on here.
  4. i'm Jennifer here in the lovely fraser Valley of BC. So happy to have found an entire board just for us. I'm not celiac but like i say in signature i'm pretty darn close. Its been a challenge especially with inlaws who refuse to understand, and am now at the point where i'm not eating at their house anymore. I'll bring my own food b/c i know whats in it. LOL